Indiana Drug Rehab

Indiana Drug Rehab

The Need For Indiana Drug Rehab

The northern part of Indiana lies on Lake Michigan. This is a major waterway that can provide international shipping for all parts of the Midwest causing Indiana to have an active distribution and transportation area. It’s population is over 6 million and is ranked 29 in the nation for violent crime rate. Having readily availability powdered cocaine throughout the state of Indiana, crack cocaine is available in the urban areas. The purities have decreased while the cocaine prices have increased in Indiana. Indiana drug rehab centers are striving to help end the drug problems in the state.

In central Indiana heroin is widely available but in smaller quantities. The Hispanic trafficking organization controls, transport and distributes Mexican heroin sales. Over the past decade trafficking and abuse of meth has increased dramatically in Indiana. The Mexican organization of trafficking is transporting 15 to 25 pounds of meth at a time with a purity level of 25 to 85 percent. Local meth distributors in Indiana operate in small toxic laboratories, normally in residential homes or barns with purities between 30 to 80 percent. The distributors will produce enough for their personal use and then sell small amounts.

Marijuana remains to have major problems in Indiana, local producers of marijuana are normally located in farm fields, public lands, near riverbanks, National Forest and wooded areas. Indoor growers will grow marijuana in private residents or large barn-type buildings on private land. Young teens and adults in Indiana abuse marijuana in rural areas more than they do in urban or suburban areas. Drug strategies indicate that marijuana popularity is rising higher and higher each year. Marijuana is increasing among the Indiana arrests with significant increase in the number of juveniles that are testing positive for marijuana. Indiana Law Enforcement reports that two out of three are arrested and tested positive for marijuana.

Drug Problems in Indiana

All states have different drug problem based on the location and influence of various cities throughout the state. Indiana is one of the states that has many small towns as well as big city influences. The drug problems in this state vary throughout depending on the area, but no matter what the drug is in the state many people can agree that drug abuse is a big problem causing even bigger issues for residents of small towns and big cities alike.

Indiana Drug Use Statistics

There are many different factors that make up statistics and certain facts relating to a state’s drug use. Some of the most popular include mortality rate, arrests per year, overdose numbers and a variety of other facts. Indiana has a varying degree of drug use that can be seen in its statistical information.

  • Indiana has the 17th highest overdose mortality rate in the United States.
  • 23,848 is the number of people that are arrested per year for drug use in Indiana.
  • 14.4 out of 100,000 people in Indiana will die from drug overdose
  • Drug overdose fatalities in the state have quadrupled since statistics were collected in 1999.
  • In Indianapolis, drug addiction has surged in the past 5 years. It has increased by at least double of what it was in 2009.
  • Users in Indianapolis are becoming younger. 1/4 of the patients emergency medical personnel treat for overdose and poisoning are under the age of 18.
  • Drug use is becoming more popular among pregnant women. Indianapolis doctors have seen the amount of drug addicted newborn babies increase by 200% over the past 5 years.
  • 27% of Indiana high school seniors have admitted to using a prescription drug without a prescription.
  • Drug overdose in Indiana, including prescription and illegal drugs, is responsible for killing more people than car accidents.

Current Drug Issues

Everyone can agree that drugs alone are an issue, but there are a few specific issues that can make drug use and abuse much worse. These issues vary from state to state but can affect every one. The most popular drug issues in Indiana include teen drug abuse, abuse in pregnant women and the ease of accessibility to prescription drugs.

Teens and Drugs

Teens tend to be more influenced by their peers and what is considered popular at the time. This can lead to higher of instances of drug abuse in high school and even middle school students. Indiana has been conducting surveys to gather information on what teens are doing in relation to drugs. The survey’s data shows that more teens are using dangerous, synthetic marijuana. The use of prescription drugs is also increasing for teenagers in the state. 14% of high school seniors admitted to being addicted to prescription drugs.

Pregnant Women

While drug abuse is a big problem, it is an even bigger problem for women that are pregnant. A woman who is pregnant is not only using drugs, but is also forcing her unborn child to use the drugs. In Indiana, 5% of women that were screened while pregnant were using drugs during pregnancy. Babies that are born to mothers that have used throughout pregnancy have a higher risk of complications including drug addiction, brain damage and immune deficiency diseases. There is also a greater risk for miscarriage in women that use drugs during pregnancy.


Unlike illegal street drugs, prescription drugs are easier to find. Children can simply open their parents bathroom cabinets to get a high better than most street drugs would provide. Adults are also able to obtain these drugs more easily by simply visiting their doctor for a problem and receiving a prescription. While most of the adults that are prescribed prescription drugs do have a problem there are still many that can fake a problem. Prescription drugs are easy to get addicted to and the addiction can start out with something as simple as a broken bone or surgery that required opiates for the pain. Prescription drugs are easier to obtain, but many people with prescription addictions cannot afford the prescriptions any longer and resort to cheaper, more dangerous street drugs.

Indiana’s Most Popular Drugs

Every type of drug, from marijuana to prescription opiates, can cause a problem if the use becomes big enough and the issues associated with the drug become serious enough. Drugs can cause problems such as gang wars, deaths and increased violent crimes. The most popular drugs in Indiana are marijuana, prescription drugs, crack cocaine and heroin.


Many marijuana law supporters will argue that the drug is a completely safe one and will not cause problems such as other drugs. While this may be true for physical health and addiction facts, marijuana can still cause many problems while it is still illegal. Users and dealers can be arrested, caught up in a drug fueled gang war and can become more easily addicted to other drugs.

Prescription Drugs

Due to their ease of accessibility and the belief that they are safe because they are legal, many people in Indiana have chosen to use prescription drugs and have become addicted to them. Prescription pain killers are the number 2 reason in the state for drug arrests and charges.

Crack Cocaine

The crack form of cocaine is the 3rd largest drug in the state of Indiana. It is easy to find in the cities, is cheaper than powdered cocaine and is extremely dangerous due to the varying methods of creation. It is generally regulated by small time gangs and is available in nearly every area of Indiana.


A growing problem in the United States, heroin takes the number 4 drug spot in Indiana. It is being brought into the state by gangs from Mexico, California and other places along the west coast and is quickly growing in popularity. It is cheaper than prescription opiates and is easier to find than getting a prescription.

Drug-Related Crimes in Indiana

Crimes that are related to drugs do not simply involve the distribution and possession of drugs and paraphernalia. These crimes can include violent crimes, theft, robbery and even murder. Drug users are more likely to commit other crimes when they are using because their decisions are hindered by the way the drug has altered their brain. These crimes may be committed by people that are otherwise docile, but are so addicted to a drug that they would do anything to get the drug.

Indiana has seen many violent drug-related crimes, and within the past two years there have been several specific prescription drug related instances that were extraordinarily brutal including a mother that beat her 12 year old to death for hiding her prescription drugs, a former sheriff that was charged with robbing a friends home for prescription drugs and two men that broke into a home to look for prescription drugs. The problems do not stop with only adults. A 17 year old was critically stabbed by a classmate that thought the teen had stolen his prescription pain pills.

Prescription drugs are not the only drugs that are causing problems in the way of crime. There have been 23 drug related gang deaths in Indiana since 2009. There have also been various robberies and burglaries that are related to illicit drugs. These crimes, however, often go unreported because both the criminal and the victim are doing something wrong and the victims are generally fearful of arrest if they report the crime. Many times, robberies are performed because drug users are looking for more cash to purchase their drug of choice with and will go to extreme measures to satisfy their addiction.

Deaths Related to Drug Use

Due to the number of deaths from year to year and the amount of drugs that are seen in autopsies, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly which drugs are the culprit for the death. Many people may argue that marijuana is not the reason for death, but it is found in 42% of people that died with other drugs in their system. Coroners often have a hard time pinpointing exactly what drug and what part of the drug caused the patient to die and how the drug caused them to die. While this can be seen as a problem, the bigger issue is that people are dying everyday due to their drug abuse and are overdosing on a regular basis.

  • In 2012 in Lake County, Indiana 19 people died from the direct use of heroin.
  • Alprazolam is the most abused benzodiapine that causes death in Indiana. It is also one of the most easily obtained prescription medications, with over 35% of the population carrying a prescription.
  • Lake County alone saw 624 drug related deaths from the years 2009-2012. This includes drug crime deaths as well as deaths directly related to the use of drugs.
  • In the past 5 years, Indiana has seen overdose fatalities increase by 400%. There are becoming fewer cases of patients saved from overdoses and more cases of people dying from overdose.
  • In 2005, there were 689 drug related deaths in Indiana. In 2012, that number went up to nearly 2,000.

How Drug Problems Come to Be

Indiana drug users are strongly influenced by their surroundings in the larger city areas. There is a large drug problem in these areas that makes the drugs more available to people that are using. Many users started off using prescription drugs or drinking alcohol and found that it was cheaper and easier to simply use street drugs. They are more available and more accessible to these people than the prescription drugs are. Their use is also sometimes easier to hide on a daily basis than alcohol would be.

Prescription drugs can be hard to obtain, and even harder to obtain now that there are certain laws in Indiana that make it more difficult for people to abuse prescriptions. These laws include barring doctors from prescribing certain medications to certain users, complete access to patient prescription history, allowing pharmacies to lock out a known prescription abuser and greater punishments for patients, doctors and pharmacists that work in conjunction to create a prescription abuse problem.

Many people that are unable to receive a prescription or cannot afford a prescription will look to street dealers for their prescription drugs. These can cost as much as 10 times the price they would pay at a pharmacy and there is no guarantee that the drug is a good one. Drug dealers can mix the prescription pills with illicit drugs. This can cause an addiction to illegal drugs and create a bigger problem. Users that do not want to pay the high price of prescription drugs on the street will often jump right to illegal drugs, such as heroin, to get the same feeling they receive from their prescription of choice.

Drug addiction issues can also be passed down from family member to family member. For example, a child that has grown up with a father shooting heroin into his veins will see that as something normal and will generally end up doing the same thing. A daughter that has come home to her older sister using crack cocaine will try to follow in her footsteps and will become just as addicted. While this is not always the case, family life and genetic influences can lead to a greater risk for addiction and can make it harder for users to stop using.

What Drugs Exist

Different areas can cause different drug problems to be more prevalent depending on the culture that is seen throughout the area. Bigger cities have bigger problems with a wider variety and smaller towns tend to only have one major drug problem. Demographics also play a role in the drug issues, different age groups, racial groups and income brackets tend to be inclined toward different drugs and will tend to abuse them more than others. These factors play a huge role in the drug conditions in Indiana.

Psychoactive Drugs

This group of drugs are created to induce mood changes in users. The most common type of psychoactive drugs is marijuana. It is seen throughout Indiana and there are thousands of arrests for it. Marijuana causes a relaxation feeling and is a mood enhancer, there are no reported overdoses. Other, less popular psychoactive drugs include LSD, MDMA, cocain, amphetamine. These drugs do different things to the mood including perception distortion and extreme mood elevation. There are some prescription drugs that are psychoactive and available to patients that are suffering with mental problems. Psychoactive drug problems are seen throughout Indiana and the United States and there is no specific region that uses the drug more than others.

Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs play the second biggest role in the Indiana drug scene. They account for over 1/4 of drug abuse in the state and are widely available. The most common types of prescription drugs that are abused in Indiana are pain killers, opiates and benzodiazapines. Some of these drugs are controlled by the government and some are not regulated by anything other than pharmaceutical associations. Prescription drug abuse is most commonly found in majority groups that are in higher income brackets with a lower instance seen in poverty areas.


Due to the drug war influence and cartels that have infiltrated the cities of Indiana, heroin and other illegal opiates are becoming more popular. The cities that have these problems are spreading the problems out into smaller cities and even small towns creating a bigger problem throughout the state. These illegal opiates are dangerous and users can quickly overdose on them.

Club Drugs

Club drugs include ecstasy, ketamine, methamphetamine and even rohypnol. These drugs do not have a big presence in Indiana, but there are small instances of them in bigger city social areas.

Indiana residents that are struggling with drug abuse, from marijuana to cocaine to prescription pain killers, can rest assured that they are not alone. The state offers various treatment resources and private agencies are available to help with drug abusers and the issues that they face. It is important for anyone suffering with an abuse problem to recognize the problem and get the help that they need before the problem turns into something much worse, including death. Various types of treatment and resources are available for Indiana residents that need them.

Drug Rehab Facilities Can Offer Brighter Futures

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