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Nevada is a state that is built up of many mountains, rivers and lakes and offers many different outside adventures for family’s. This state is known to be one of our nations largest states with a population of over 2 million. But as any other state it has its negative side also. All different types of drugs have become a major problem within the state of Nevada. To name a few Methamphetamine, Heroin, Crack Cocaine, Marijuana, and even Club Drugs. These drugs are causing more admittance of addicts to Nevada drug rehab centers.

Nevada Drug Rehab Can Help With Your Addiction

With Nevada situated right beside California it has become a transhipment point for illegal drugs. Urban areas of Nevada have a huge crack cocaine problem and is available at any time. Cocaine is brought in from the state of California by ground transportation. In the state of Nevada the African-American gangs are more likely to have control over the distribution of crack cocaine. They commonly have their base operations located at a cheap motel or apartments in the larger cities of Nevada.

The increase of Mexican black tar heroin has become a problem for some county’s in Nevada and is being controlled by the Mexican population and is distributed in the open air markets. Methamphetamine continues to be the most used drug by individuals. This drug has a high quantity level for personal use and also for distribution. Production of this drug is mainly produced in “super labs” and this is where they produce at least 10 pounds of Meth in one day. Meth is brought into the state of Nevada mostly by ground transportation.

Remaining to have a readily availability in Nevada marijuana, is brought in also by ground transportation and is starting to have an increase in indoor growing over the past few years. Club Drugs in Nevada are high in availability, mostly around the Vegas area where there are night clubs and raves.

Drug Abuse Problems In Nevada

Nevada is among the 10 states in the United States of America where illicit drug use has become epidemic. A study recently released by the Drug Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration showed that Nevada is among the top 10 states in the United States where people can easily have access to illicit drugs.

According to Sun report, Nevada has one of the most narcotic-dependent populations in the US, consuming about twice the national average of many prescription painkillers. In 2006, Nevadans top the list of users of the narcotic painkiller Hydrocodone, which goes with the brand names Lortab or Vicodin. Analysis of the 2006 data of per capita Hydrocodone consumption shows that the Hydrocodone consumption rate of Nevada is equal to 48 pills for every resident of Nevada. Hydrocodone is not the only narcotic painkiller that is highly abused in Nevada.

Oxycodone, popularly known by its brand name OxyContin, and methadone are other narcotic painkillers that are highly abused in Nevada. According to Sun analysis, Nevada has witness a sevenfold and a twelvefold increase in the per-capita use of oxycodone and methadone between 1997 – 2006, the most recent years for which data are available. Also from the Sun report, Nevada is fourth on the ranking of states with the highest per capita use of the narcotic painkillers morphine, methadone and oxycodone.

Currently, it seems prescription narcotic painkillers are the most abused drugs in Nevada. In the 1980s, cracked cocaine was highly popular among drug addicts before methamphetamine took over from cracked cocaine in 1990s. Now, methamphetamine has handed over the baton to the narcotic painkillers.

Viewing the Drug Addiction Problems in Nevada Through the Lens of a Drug Addict

We will call him Tim. Tim just checked himself into a rehab for his addiction to painkillers. Here’s his story.

Tim started smoking pot at the age of 13. At 15, he tried acid and moved up to coke at 18. He decided to have a go at prescription drugs at 20 and was hooked to prescription drugs. For Tim, the shift from street drugs to prescription drugs was simple. He was tired of buying drugs from the streets, so he decided to go for prescription drugs to satisfy his cravings for drugs.

According to Tim, the norm among drug addicts hooked on prescription drugs is to go find a doctor and book an appoint with the doctor. On the day of the addict’s appointment with the doctor, the addict simply walks into the hospital, meets the doctor, complains of bad backaches, inability to sleep, pains all over his body, and headaches. And he requests for a painkiller from the doctor; in fact, most addicts even tell the doctor to prescribe a particular painkiller for them.

And most doctors will sign the addict’s prescription and the addict is out of the hospital with over a hundred pills to take care of his cravings for narcotic painkillers. That’s how easy to have access to narcotic painkillers in most parts of Nevada.

However, not every doctor will agree to the addict’s request, but a large percentage of the doctors in Nevada will agree with questions. Tim said his request for prescription drugs was never questioned by a doctor.

Tim is not surprised that Nevada is among the 10 states in the United States where the use of illicit drugs has reached an epidemic level. According to Tim, if you want to know how the drug abuse situation in Nevada is, pay a visit to most of the high schools in the state, you will get a true picture of how bad the situation is. Kids in high school are now selling drugs right there in their school. You can easily get any kind of drugs in high school these days.

Is it coke? Is it weed? Is it meth? Is it acid? Is it narcotic painkiller? You name it. Everything from weed to acid, meth to coke, and hydrocodone to methodone is now available in high school. With drugs circulating all over the place in almost every part of the Battle Born State, why won’t Nevada occupy the top spot in the list of the states with a high level of illicit drug use among its population, Tim asked.

Drug Trends in Nevada

Many issues arise when it comes to drug abuse problems experienced by the Battle Born State. Having access to drugs in most parts of Nevada is as easy as going to a grocery store to buy a candy. Although, methamphetamines were highly popular among drug addicts in Nevada in the 1980s, they are still quite widely used by drug addicts up to this day. Metamphetamines, widely known as crystal meths, are brought in from Mexico.

It is worthy to note that the state of Nevada has a land border with California, which is a transit route for the drug trade in Mexico. The porosity of the Nevada borders doesn’t help the drug abuse situation in the state; it has contributed to the high availability of drugs in different parts of Nevada. Due to the porous borders in Nevada, crystal meth is easily brought in from Mexico through California to different parts of Nevada. The porous borders have made the state to be used as a transshipment zone for several different drugs that are trafficked to the eastern parts of the United States.

Nevada’s drug abuse statistics shows that people within the age bracket of 15 to 21 are the highest consumers of meth in the state. It seems that meth abuse is more common among teens than other age groups in Nevada. Well, that’s not surprising. Crystal meth is a popular recreational drug among teens in Nevada. Many teens who are addicted to meth started using the drug for recreational purpose before they got hook to meth. Another situation that should be giving the Nevadan authorities sleepless nights is the availability of high grade meth in the state. This abundance of high grade meth in different parts of the state should be a concern to the Nevadan authorities.

Cocaine is another drug that is highly abused in the state of Nevada. Cocaine abuse cuts across every age group in Nevada. Many addicts, whether kids, tweens, young adults, middle age or seniors, enjoy getting high by sniffing cocaine or injecting t liquefied cocaine into their blood stream with a syringe. In addition, many teenagers experiment on drugs and cocaine is available at a cheaper rate compared to most other drugs. These factors contribute to the popularity of cocaine among drug addicts. Cocaine is copious in the southern parts of Nevada, but there are still areas in the northern part of the state where cocaine is still abundant.

Road routes are mainly used to traffic cocaine into Nevada. The cocaine trade in Nevada is run by the Mexican drug barons and gangs within the state. The Mexican drug barons take care of the trafficking of the drugs from Mexico to Nevada; the various gangs within the state are in charge of the distribution of the drugs to retailers and end users.

Drug abuse statistics compiled by the Nevadan authorities has shown that there have been significant number of drug related deaths in the state in recent years. Of course, this should not come as a surprise as drugs and violence go hand in hand. There will always be a drug gang seeking to take control of the drug trade in every city, which will usually result to a lot of drug related deaths.

Narcotics are also popular among drug users in the state. Among the narcotics, heroin seems to be the most popular compared to the narcotics drugs. The Mexican black tar heroin is the most abundant heroin in the Silver City. Mexican nationals, most of them have settled in the Nevada, are in charge of the trafficking of the Mexican black tar heroin. The several different drug gangs in the state are mostly responsible for the distribution of heroin within Nevada. A lot of dealers are also part of the heroin distribution network in Nevada just to satisfy their addiction to heroin.

The result of a study conducted by the Nevadan authorities reveals that people with the age of 17 to 25 are the highest consumer of heroin in the state. The findings of this study are quite worrisome as most of the people that abused heroin are college students. Another worrisome finding of the study is that heroin related crimes are the highest in Nevada among all the other drugs abused in the state.

Alcoholism is also a big part of the drug abuse problem in Nevada. Alcoholism and drug addiction are like siamese twins; they go hand in hand. Teen drinking is a huge problem in Silver City. Every day, cases of DUIs are reported to the authorities, and in a lot of these cases, the culprits are found in possession of drugs. The common practice of among drug users is the mixing of alcohol with other drugs.

Prescription drugs seem to be the new drugs of choice among drug addicts. According to drug abuse statistics in the state of Nevada compiled by the relevant government authorities, prescription drugs account for a huge proportion of the drugs abused by the populace in Nevada. The several different types of prescription drugs that are commonly abused in Nevada include narcotic painkillers and different varieties of diverted pharmaceutical drugs. Surprising, many health care professionals have been found to abuse prescription drugs. Because of the wide spread abuse of prescription drugs in the state, Nevada has enacted strict laws against the abuse of prescription drugs. Even with the strict laws in the state, many people still abuse these drugs.

Drinking of a mixture of alcohol with different drugs has been found to be a contributing factor to the increase in the rate of car accidents that are currently witnessed in the state of Nevada. In addition, alcoholism and drug addiction have also contributed to the increasing crime rate in the Battle Born State. Just like alcoholism and drug addiction go hand in hand, drug addiction together with alcoholism also goes hand in hand with increasing crime rate in any society.

Statistics in Substance Dependence and Abuse in Nevada

These stats are gotten from NSDUH most recent data.

Alcohol Dependence or Abuse

Data from NSDUH shows that Nevada is the second state in the United States with the highest rate of alcohol dependency and abuse.

Illicit Drug Dependence and Abuse

This data reveals that about 3 percent of the population of Nevada from 12 years and above had abused an illicit drug during the year. Among this 3 percent of the population, about 5.98 percent within the age bracket of 12 to 17 had consumed or abused at least one illicit drug during the year; 8 percent of people between the ages of 18 to 25 depend or abuse illicit drugs every year; for people who are26 years or older, the percentage of them that depend or abuse at least one illicit drug during the year is 1.8 percent.

Addiction in Different Demographic Groups


Women seem to abuse amphetamines more in Nevada than the men. This trend is quite different from the national trend where men abuse amphetamine more than women. 51 percent of the people that were admitted into different rehabs for amphetamine abuse are women. Men account for the remaining 49 percent of the patients admitted into rehabs for amphetamine abuse.

According to a 2004 BADA report, pregnant women and teenage girls are more susceptible to amphetamine abuse to other categories of people. A survey conducted by the Westcare AOD Treatment Program also supported the findings of the 2004 BADA report. According to the Westcare AOD Treatment Program survey, while 52 percent of respondents said that metamphetamine is their favorite drug, only 14 percent of the males surveyed reported metamphetamine to be their favorite drug.

Children and Youth

According to the recently released BADA annual report, amphetamine, alcohol, and marijuana are the mostly widely abused drugs among children and youth. According to the records of adolescents in Nevada who have checked into rehabs for their drug addiction problems, marijuana tops the list of the substances abused by adolescents in Nevada with 48 percent, followed by amphetamine with 26 percent, alcohol with 22 percent, cocaine with 2 percent, and other drugs make up the remaining 2 percent.


From the data gotten from various rehabs in Nevada and compiled by BADA, alcohol tops the list of the substances that are commonly abused by adults in Nevada. Alcohol abuse accounts for about 43 percent of the adults that checked into rehabs in Nevada, followed by amphetamine with 30 percent, cracked cocaine with 11 percent, marijuana with 8 percent, heroin with 6 percent, and the other drugs make up the remaining 2 percent.

Deaths Associated With Drug Use in Nevada

According to new report, Nevada ranks fourth on the list of states in the United States with high drug overdose mortality rate. Twenty out of every hundred thousand people in Nevada has experienced (is suffering from) fatalities resulting from drug overdose. The Silver State has experienced an 80 percent increase in deaths resulting from drug overdose from 1999 to 2013. And the shocking part of this report is that prescription drugs are responsible for majority of drug overdose mortality in Nevada.

The Trust for Americas’ Health (TFAH) recently released report shows that the number of deaths as result of overdose of prescription related drugs currently outnumbers that caused by overdoses of cocaine and heroin put together. In addition deaths resulting from drug overdose cases are far more than deaths resulting from auto accidents in 29 states of the US, including Nevada. In fact, the TFAH report urged the relevant authorities to treat drug overdose as a serious public health issue.

In addition to the high drug overdose mortality rate caused by drugs, the drug trade is also causing a lot of deaths in Nevada. Different drug gangs are fighting to take control of the drug trade in several places. As expected, these gangs will fight dirty in order to confirm their superiority over rival gangs, resulting in a lot of injuries and deaths to members of several different drug gangs.

Why Certain Drugs Exist in Nevada

Many of the drugs in the United States come from Mexico. Nevada is very close to California, which is a key transit route in the trafficking of drugs to the different parts of United States. In addition, the Nevadan borders are very porous, making it possible for drugs to be easily smuggled into state. In fact, Nevada is now a transshipment zone, where drugs in transit to the eastern parts of the United States are stored temporally. Thus, many of the drugs that are widely abused in Nevada like metamphetamine and cocaine easily find their way to the streets of Nevada from Mexico via California.

The Nevada bubbling night life and partying lifestyle play a huge role in the wide spread use of drugs among the residents of Nevada. Of course, everyone knows that partying goes with alcohol and drugs. And when a state has a city like Las Vegas, the partying capital of the world, you all know what to expect: parties, booze and drugs.

Drug Rehab Can End Addiction

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