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The state of Virginia is populated with over 7 million people, and is considered to be one of the main agricultural states. Ranking in the top ten, Virginia is one of the states that have a huge variety of agricultural products along with a huge dairy industry. Along with it’s popular coal industries, Virginia is in the top ten of producing the most coal out of the United States. On the other hand, Virginia is a state that has many drug addiction problems and has a growing need of Virginia drug rehab programs. This is causing many problems for family’s across the state. Homes are being disrupted by drugs and alcohol and the crime and violence rates are going higher according to the Virginia Law Enforcement.

Virginia is very likely to get drugs off of the traffickers that travel up and down I-95. This state is located in the middle of two main drug imports which are Miami and New York. According to the Virgina Highway Patrol they say crack cocaine is the one of major drug problems they have. All though meth labs are still causing a problem in the state of Virginia. The highest activity in labs are known to be on the border of Virginia. Cocaine has become a main level of violence in the State of Virginia, mainly in the urban areas. Most of the cocaine supply comes from the New York trafficking, while the locals will rely on the supply that comes from the Mexican organization.

Club drugs that are throughout the state of Virginia are very easy to come across. This is a wide spread drug that is causing many problems with young adults these days. Being a demanded drug you can find MDMA mostly in the nightclubs and the communities that are most likely to have raves. Other drugs such as LSD and a variety of stimulant drugs are very popular in different events throughout the state of Virginia.

Drug Problems in Virginia

The residents in the state of Virginia reported a past month use of recreational substances. A state wide survey indicated that seven percent of Virginia residents had used a recreational substance within the past month. A national average for illicit drug use was determined to be eight percent. The rate of drug induced deaths in Virginia was lower than a national average. Marijuana was determined to be the most common drug cited among primary drug treatment admissions in Virginia.

Drug Problems and Trends in Virginia

The most common drug cited for treatment is marijuana and cocaine abuse is frequently an accompanying addiction. Heroin is gaining popularity among those residents living in the suburbs of Virginia. Ecstasy has been noted as the drug of choice in several of the night clubs and during the all night dance parties or raves that are organized by party crowds. Ecstasy seems to be used by all races and by all socio economic groups in the state of Virginia. A total of 22,847 individuals are in treatment programs on a given day. The number that are below 18 years old is 2879 out of this daily treatment program total and these statistics are from a survey taken in 2006.

Drug Problems Among Virgina Teens

Virginia teens are currently abusing several types of drugs. Understanding teen drug use includes knowing the different types of drugs that are the most popular among teenagers. Substance abuse problems no longer fall into the categories of barbiturates and stimulants. Teens are using the following types of chemical substances:

  • Club drugs are those that are brought to night clubs and are associated with a strong night scene in certain cities in Virginia. Popular destination night scenes in Virginia may include the state’s south east coastal areas, inland cities towards the capital region and the north eastern section of the state within the larger cities. Areas surrounding universities can have night life directed towards college age students as well.
  • Hallucinogens are those chemical substances that are used for their reality altering qualities and are purchased for these reasons. This type of chemical substance is used with teens as an experimental drug and during teen entertainment events.
  • Inhalants are frequently selected by those users who are interested in experiencing new altered reality states. Inhalants can be found around a traditional home and can be purchased at grocery stores without much detection.
  • Methamphetamines are those street drugs that are either sold by unknown users or are purchased as a type of recreational drug. Meth is a form of stimulant that is used for its mind altering qualities and is found during teen entertainment events.
  • Crack cocaine is a form of street drug that is ingested for its stimulant qualities. This is a harder form of stimulant and usually costs less than other stimulant street drugs. Crack cocaine use can be especially dangerous to purchase since it is often sold by gang related dealers and can be especially addictive.
  • Prescription drugs have become popular with teens in the Virginia area. Prescription drugs can be found at home in a parent’s medicine cabinet. Teens often prefer a pain medication for its numbing quality. Pain pills can be ground up to form a powder and then inhaled or even mixed with liquid and injected.
  • Marijuana is a form of chemical substance that is smoked as a type of inhalant or cigarette. Marijuana is selected for its numbing affect.

Club Drugs and What These Are

This choice of substance is popular with teens and is used at parties and entertainment events. Teens drug use at parties provides a peer acceptance of drug use and gives an illusion to teenagers that their drug consumption is not a problem. Teen drug users conclude that they ingest club drugs occasionally and socially only. The idea of binge substance use is not known to this type of substance abuser. Teens use these reality altering substances to produce simultaneous stimulant and psychedelic effects. A popular club event today is the rave event. A rave event involves club music and lights in a night club along with stimulant and psychedelic club intoxicants. Teens use this combination effect to enhance their night life experiences. There are several night life drugs that are popular today and these include the following:

  • Ecstasy or MDMA is a popular club drug that is a member of a class of intoxicants named phenethylamines and amphetamines. MDMA is a stimulant and hallucinogen that produce an energizing effect as well as distortions in time and perception. Use of this club drug can enhance certain tactile experiences. It is usually taken orally as a tablet or capsule and the effects of MDMA last approximately three to six hours. There are dangers to using this chemical substance because of the brain altering activity that is produced. Chemical messengers in the brain or neuro transmitters can be damaged and this substance can be toxic to nerve cells that contain serotonin. The nerve damage can be long lasting.
  • Rohypnol is a club drug that is a trending and popular substance choice in the modern night life scene. Rohypnol is the brand name for flunitrazepam and this medication is used for short term treatment of insomnia and as a pre medication for surgical procedures. It is in the same medication family as Valium and Xanax and can result in excessive sedation and forgetfulness. Rohypnol is sometimes used as a predatory drug in the modern club scene and has been called the date rape drug or the forget drug. It is a central nervous system depressant and can cause the person who ingests it to forget what happened while on it.
  • GHB or gamma hydroxybutyrate is a synthetic drug and a central nervous system depressant that is used in the medical treatment of narcolepsy. Individuals with recurring day time sleep attacks are prescribed this medication. It can be accessed at home in a medicine cabinet and has been used as a party drug and a date rape drug. GHB is used as a muscle builder as well. Negative side effects include sweating, nausea, hallucinations, amnesia and coma. A recent medical report indicates that 69 percent of users have reported loss of consciousness while ingesting this chemical substance.
  • Ketamine is a chemical compound that is used with humans and can be a veterinary medication. It is used to induce and maintain general anesthesia usually in combination with a sedative. This medication is prescribed for intensive care and for treatment of bronchial spasms. This drug can be found at home in a medicine cabinet and is selected as a recreational drug because of its dissociative anesthesia. Negative side effects include hallucinations, elevated blood pressure and anesthesia during a social event.

Hallucinogens and Virginia Drug Problems

These are drugs that change an individual’s perception of reality. Teens and other users who ingest hallucinogens tend to see, hear and feel tactile experiences that seem real to them. This form of hallucination is an illusion. There are several drug substances that are currently manufactured to produce hallucinations and these substances include the following:

  • Hallucinogenic drugs are recreational dissociative compounds. PCP or phencyclidine is a type of intravenous anesthetic used as a recreational compound for its anesthetic and hallucinogenic effects. Its manufacture was discontinued by established pharmaceutical companies in the 1960’s because of its damaging side effects including hallucinations, delirium and mania. This street drug today is known as angel dust or kristal joint.
  • LSD or lysergic acid diethylamide is a synthetic psychedelic substance that is the most popular hallucinogenic compound in the United States. It is manufactured from lysergic acid which is found in ergot and fungus that grows on rye and other grains. LSD is odorless, colorless and has a bitter taste. It is sold in tablet form or as a micro dot on sugar cubes and on blotter paper sheets soaked with LSD and covered with colorful designs. Damaging side effects include terrifying thoughts and feelings.
  • DMT or dimethyltryptamine is a psychedelic compound and a modern hallucinogenic that is described as being powerful. Its chemical structure is similar to LSD. The hallucinogenic effects of this compound last for five to thirty minutes when this substance is smoked. The side effects of the compound include feeling transported to a different location, kaleidoscopic sounds and unusual images. This chemical compound was used in South American shamanic rituals.
  • Psilocybin mushrooms contain a naturally occurring psychedelic compound and this substance is produced by more than 200 species of mushrooms. Psilocybin mushrooms are found in South America, Mexico and in tropical states within the U.S. Mushrooms have been used for religious rites by indigenous groups and for recreational use because of their psychedelic effects.
  • Mescaline is a natural hallucinogenic substance that is used as a recreational drug for its visual hallucinations and radically altered states of consciousness. Trimethoxy phenethylamine is similar to LSD and psilocybin. Mescaline naturally occurs in peyote cactus, San Pedro cactus and in a Peruvian torch plant. It is used medically to treat alcoholism and depression. It has been used by natives in northern Mexico and in the southwest United State as part of a traditional religious rite ceremony.

Inhalants and Drug Use in Virginia

Drug trends in Virginia include the recreational use of inhalants. These are substances that are not normally considered drugs or medication. Using inhalants on a regular basis can be addictive and teens are becoming dependent on the effects that they receive from inhaling these chemical vapors. Inhaling certain chemical substances can create a mind altering effect and this chemical use is now considered a form of teen drug use. Household chemicals are used as inhalants and these household products may include the following:

  • The fumes from paint thinners and removers are inhaled in order to produce a mind altering effect from inhaling these fumes.
  • White out and felt tip pens are used in this same manner. The fumes from white out and pens can be a source of intoxicating fumes.
  • Aerosol sprays are used to gain an intoxicating effect from these household products. Teens have been found to use spray paint, hair spray and vegetable oil sprays for their addictive chemical compounds.
  • Nitrates and gases are used in order to inhale their chemical vapors. Gasoline, propane and refrigerants have been chemical mind altering substances.

Prescription Drugs and Drug Problems in Virginia
Prescription drugs are those that have been prescribed for someone else but are being sought today by teens and other users. These drugs are prescribed for students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or for parents with pain disorders. Teens are selling these drugs to other students at school and these prescription drugs become addictive to those who ingest them. The following are prescription medications that have become drug problems in Virginia:

  • Ritalin is a medication that is commonly prescribed for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This type of prescription medication is being taken and sold for recreational purposes.
  • OxyContin is a pain medication that is prescribed for back pain, pain following surgeries and additional conditions. This pain medication is being taken and sold as a recreational drug.

Meth, Cocaine and Crack and Marijuana Substance Abuse

These drugs are popular on their own and do not necessarily fit into another group of drugs. They are used as recreational substances and methamphetamine or meth is simple to produce and offers almost immediate effects. Cocaine and crack both include varying degrees of intoxication. Marijuana is in a class by itself. It can alter consciousness and produces feelings of apathy or judgment distortion. Marijuana use by teens is rising and other drugs are not as prevalent today. These chemical substances can be significantly addictive and their negative side effects may include the following:

  • Meth or methamphetamine is considered simple to produce and has immediate side effects. It is a neuro toxin and an addictive stimulant that dramatically affects the user’s central nervous system. Meth or crystal meth is one of the most addictive drugs that is being used today. This chemical compound is more addictive than crack cocaine, marijuana, PCP, LSD or heroin. Meth can be smoked in pipes similar to crack cocaine use. Crystal meth can be injected. It has been used as a weight loss compound.
  • Cocaine and crack cocaine offer differing degrees of intoxication. Crack cocaine is a free base form of cocaine that can be smoked in a pipe. Crack refers to the crackling sound produced by the rock as it is heated. Cocaine and crack cocaine symptoms include feelings of intense euphoria, hyperactivity and being excessively alert. The euphoria wears off and the individual may become agitated, irritable, uncomfortable, have a decreased appetite and have a decreased need for sleep.
  • Marijuana is a green brown or gray mixture of dried shredded leaves, stems, seeds and flowers of the cannabis plant. This plant mixture has over 200 street names. It is psychoactive and mind altering and can be found in a hashish or resinous form. The resinous form and a hash oil form are stronger compounds of marijuana. Marijuana is used for medical purposes that include pain use, to decrease seizures and to treat glaucoma. This mixture substance is used for religious and spiritual purposes as well.

Drugged Driving in Virginia
It is unlawful to drive or operate a motor vehicle while a driver is under the influence of marijuana or another type of intoxicating substance to the degree which impairs the driver’s ability to drive or operate a motor vehicle safely. Drugged driving laws indicate that the driver may consent to taking a blood and breath test and these chemical tests will be used to determine the presence of a controlled substance. Marijuana and other recreational drugs are currently controlled substances within the state of Virginia.

Drug Induced Deaths in Virginia
There are recent reports that have included certain uses of controlled substances within the state of Virginia. These reports have indicated that drug induced deaths have been direct consequences of chemical addictions. Drug induced deaths in 2007 included a total of 713 deaths. This total was in contrast to 1081 motor vehicle deaths and 825 fire arms deaths. These reports indicated that 9.2 per 100,000 incidents in Virginia were deaths from using drugs during the year 2007. This was lower than the national rate of 12.7 per 100,000.

Substance Abuse and Treatment Admissions in Virginia

Substance abuse problems in the state of Virginia included the use of marijuana as the major substance abuse concern during the treatment admissions year 2009. The year 2009 saw a majority of substance abuse treatment admissions for marijuana abuse followed by admissions for cocaine abuse and abuse for heroin. Other opiate use was next in admissions data for 2009 and then admissions were prevalent for stimulants, tranquilizers and sedatives abuse.


Drug problems in the state of Virginia have occurred for marijuana use and for cocaine use for the most part. Psychiatric admissions data has included these two drugs of choice for most of their inpatient drug abuse admissions over the past several years. Current drug problems within the state have included street drugs that have been used for recreational purposes. These street drugs of choice have ranged from the consumption of amphetamine stimulants to drugs that are a part of an hallucinogenic classification. Inhalants are a current teen concern and teenagers are using recreational drugs that are particularly sedative. Support for community based prevention has created high intensity drug abuse programs for certain locations within Virginia. Federal grant awards are available for substance abuse reduction programs for the citizens of the state. There are national drug control policy programs that have been set in place as well.

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