Benefits of Drug Recovery

Benefits of drug recovery result in life or death. In the United States alone, according to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, 25% of the population abuses illicit drugs, a figure that is only increasing. For many drug abusers, the abuse begins during their teenage years, spiraling into a long and ‘difficult to get out of’ cycle. Both the long- term and short-term consequences of drug abuse are horrific. The Office of National Drug Control Policy a few of the major consequences as the spread of infectious disease, homelessness, and significantly reduced workplace productivity and an ability to consecutively retain employment.

For those of you that have a loved one that is abusing drugs or are yourself struggling with drug abuse, there always are alternatives. One of the best ways to begin the journey into recovery is to recognize that a drug-free life has immense advantages.

More Likely to See Successful Results

Drug recovery is a lengthy and challenging process, making it very common for those that are seeking treatment to fear that the treatment will not be successful. However, unsuccessful treatment is no longer something to be feared. Changes in approaches and recognition of patient care have led to an increase in the treatment success rate. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released a report detailing that the completion rate for substance abuse treatment is now at 47%. Not only has the completion rate risen, but the success of the treatment lasted. So, the next time you or a loved one seeks treatment, you can feel far more confident that the treatment will not be temporary or unsuccessful.

Improvement of Health

Another advantage of drug recovery is that individuals that undergo the recovery process successfully find that their health vastly improves. In one study, it was found that frequent trips to the Emergency Room decreased tenfold. In addition to this, a medical review indicates that by treating drug addiction, users feel better in the long term, they reduce their risk of heart problems, and they lead healthier lives overall than those that abuse.

The improvement in health is also tied to an economical benefit. In one article by The Atlantic, it was found that the average cost of being admitted and treated at the ER costs $2,168. Not only do drug users not have these funds, but they also incur a vast amount of debt. By choosing drug recovery, users are able to reduce their health risk and reduce the cost of treating those health risks.

Those in Drug Recovery are an Asset to the Economy

Aside from seeing an increased ability to retain employment for the long term, those that have completed drug abuse recovery or are in recovery provide an asset to the economy. These individuals pose as a business advantage to drug treatment centers and institutions that work to reduce drug addiction. In an article by Psych Central, it is demonstrated that recovered or recovering addicts make for good employees because they are extremely productive, they are loyal to their employers, and they are thankful for the opportunity considering their past.

In addition to this, employers that hire recovering or recovered addicts do find that there are also ways to mitigate the risk that their employees will begin to use again. These moves include long-term mentoring, offering assistance programs, and encouraging intervention.

Stronger and More Solid Relationships

When an individual abuses drugs, it is very common for the person to become withdrawn, isolated, and inactive in his or her relationships with family, friends, and even a spouse. On the other hand, once the decision is made to undergo recovery, the path to healing these relationships can begin. When you are in drug recovery, there are a number of stages that the healing process requires. These stages include acquaintance, friendship, intimacy, commitment, and sex. Stages and structure is essential to repairing relationships during the recovery process. At the end of the day though, despite the effort and challenges, you will notice an overall improvement in your life because the people you left out of it while abusing will be back to help you through the process.


Drug recovery is a serious matter, whether it is for you or a loved one. By choosing the path to recovery, you’ll see a vast improvement in many aspects of your life. Your health will improve, you’ll be able to hold down solid employment, expenses as a result of emergency medical treatment will be reduced, you’ll feel like an asset to the economy, and you will be able to rebuild your broken relationships. The last point is an especially important one. Substance abuse does not only affect you, but it is also detrimental to the people around you. By choosing recovery, you are also improving the lives of those you love.

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