How Drug Addiction Affects the State of Michigan

how drug addiction affects michigan

Finding the Right Treatment In Michigan

How drug addiction affects the state of Michigan? For people trying to recover from alcohol and drug addiction, numerous facilities are available throughout the state of Michigan. A qualified, professional drug rehabilitation facility will support the family as well as the patient and often offer intervention support and aftercare programs. Rehabilitation affects the entire family, so when a loved one goes through a detox program, things tend to change for the better.

The mark of a good rehabilitation center is the treatment program that is designed for the patient and family after the detoxification is complete. In Michigan, a detox program is more than just withdrawal from drugs or alcohol. It is an effective, modern way to rid the body of all drug and alcohol residue. Michigan detox programs are growing in popularity because they do more for you than just help you withdraw.

There are programs available during the detox process that will aid the patient and family with locating housing, child care, employment, and medical testing for HIV or AIDS. Today, there are even detox programs for people who are disabled and hearing impaired. Most rehabilitation centers are also wheelchair accessible.

Diagnosing The Problem For Effective Rehabilitation

Being treated for an addiction is essential in order to be able to recover. Being addicted to alcohol or drugs is not an uncommon occurrence in today’s world. Once you have detoxified your body of the substance, it is time to begin a treatment that will only improve the quality of your life.

how drug addiction affects michiganDrug and alcohol abuse is scary for the individual and the family. In Michigan, the qualified treatment facilities offer a dual-diagnosis approach. This means they are ready to successfully treat more than one addiction. Many times, a patient may be addicted to more than one substance, either two drugs or a combination of drugs and alcohol. Michigan offers the kind of treatment that can guide you through more than one addiction at the same time and get you well on your way to recovery, no matter how bad the addiction might be.

Many Facilities Exist… and Can Help

There are currently about three hundred facilities in the state of Michigan that offer treatment for drugs and alcohol. That fact alone should work to make the recovering patient feel like the problem is shared by many, and most treatment centers offer counseling and group therapy that will help close the gap and create a feeling of conquering the problems together in order to be successful.

Part of choosing a program is determining what best suits your goals and personal needs. Make sure the treatment facility offers detox support, rehabilitation programs, and aftercare support. Surround yourself by professionals and get to know those who are successfully completing the program in order to set your pace for success.

More than 90 percent of patients in Michigan successfully complete an outpatient detox program. Some outpatient services also offer aftercare support and counseling, but they may not be as effective as an in-house facility program. Choose the one that is right for you and your family.

In Michigan, abuse can come from illegal substances or prescribed drugs. Their effects are far reaching and not only impact the family, but the state employment and crime statistics. Abuse reaches all of society. That is why there is such an urgency to monitor this burden and help anyone searching for help rid themselves of a dependence on drugs or alcohol.

Reducing the State’s Burdens of Abuse

The Bureau of Disease Control, Prevention, and Epidemiology actively monitors the abuse of prescription, illegal, or over-the-counter drugs to aid in the support of reducing the state’s burden and the burden placed on the citizens of Michigan. The organization recognizes the overlap between mental health and substance abuse, and works diligently with state agencies and rehabilitation facilities to offer the most complete programs available anywhere.

The state is pursuing legislation that will qualify many more people dependent on drugs or alcohol for substance abuse treatment through Medicaid, and some private insurance companies also offer services that ease the burden and worry of financial issues during the rehabilitation and recovery process.

Michigan has stepped forward in an effort to help all substance abusers, and officials with the Bureau of Substance Abuse and Addiction Services have stated that while there may be challenges, the state has the capacity to handle the needs of anyone seeking help with substance abuse.

If legislation is approved by 2014, the new insurance law will help further the low-income families in search of help and could specify treatment as an essential health benefit. That type of support alone might be the key for some patients and families to step forward for long awaited and needed treatment.


In Michigan, state statistics for alcohol abuse sits at 60 percent of all adults ages 18 and up. Sixteen percent ages 12 through 17 consume on a regular basis and 27 percent of adults and 10 percent of youth drinkers have binged within the last month.

From 2006-2008, nine percent of all Michigan residents ages 12 and older admitted using illegal and illicit drugs, including marijuana.

Sadly, death caused by alcohol poisoning and drug overdoses surpassed motor vehicle death rates. In Michigan, this fact continues to be true year after year. Because of this fact, the Michigan Department of Community Health and the Michigan Poison Control Center continually monitor the cases from across the state related to recreational drugs and alcohol. Their latest concerns are for a few particular drugs that continue to pose problems for possible addictions. They are:

  • Bath Salts – Common over-the-counter bath additives that contain a highly addictive and harmful ingredient that is dangerous and openly available to young people.
  • Synthetic Marijuana – Known as an herbal smoking blend labeled as K2, Spice, or Genie. Certain smoke shops offer these products that deliver the same punch and can be just as addictive.
  • Prescription drugs – These can sometimes be the most addictive and are commonly prescribed by physicians. No matter the age or physical condition, patients can become dependent on prescriptions such as sleep medications, muscle relaxants, and pain pills.

Find The Right Treatment Today

If you or a loved one are experiencing a drug or alcohol addiction, it is imperative to find the right treatment center today. Research the facilities and see what they have to offer in the way of detox facilities and programs, dual-diagnosis programs, counseling programs, and inpatient and outpatient services. Make sure the facility is qualified and cares about you with an aftercare program that can help you keep your new life on the road to success.

Don’t let alcohol or drugs ruin your precious life. The state of Michigan can offer an excellent choice of facilities, so you no longer have to rely on drugs or alcohol. Get the help you need and see a better quality of life begin to happen to you.

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