AlcoholAlcohol is a liquid substance that has been mass produced all over the United States since its creation.  At first, this substance was illegal in the United States and this caused millions of people to  create their own substance which was a potent form called moonshine.  Today, there are literally thousands of different brands and flavors and strengths of these beverages.  There is a flavor to appeal to anyone of any age.  Some come in beautiful containers that make them more appealing.  There are cheap brands that appeal to lower income drinkers, and many expensive designer brands for the more affluent drinkers.

Legal, But Still Dangerous

Today, moonshine is still popular, especially in the southeastern United States.  Alcohol was legalized because of the controversy it caused before it finally became legal and even today this liquid substance remains as the leading addiction in the United States.  Not only is it deadly and dangerous to a person’s body, it also causes brain damage and learning disorders.  In the United States today, it is only legal to consume once you become 21 years of age, but this law is not concrete.  Thousands of teens drink in high school and middle school.  These teens turn into adults that drink and many become moderate to severe alcoholics.  At this age, a person’s brain is still developing and the individual is more likely to suffer from the life-altering side effects. Teens with addiction to this substance are growing in numbers and that will have a negative effect on the overall health of the population in the United States.

This Form of Fun Can Become Deadly

If you know a teen or adult that drinks on a regular basis, talk to them.  This form of fun might be a more serious addiction that needs professional help.  If someone living with alcohol addiction does not get the help they need, they may suffer from long term damage that can never be reversed.  If you have more questions about alcoholism or treatment programs, call now.

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