America’s Most Deadly Drugs

America’s most deadly drugs, despite the amount of effort that is put into getting drugs off the street, there are still plenty of dangerous and deadly substances that people use on a regular basis. In order to define how dangerous a drug is, it is important to consider the overall harm that it has on the user, how addictive the drug is, and also the impact that the drug has on society. Here is a look at some of the deadliest drugs in America.

Desomorphine – Street Name: Krokodil

• In 2012, a popular YouTube channel did a documentary on a drug called Krokodil, and the horrible impact that it was making in Russia. Since that video was released, the drug has made its way to America and can be found in south western states such as Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada. However, the drug has also been found in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Massachusetts which shows just how quickly Krokodil can spread.

• One of the most frightening considerations of Krokodil is how easy it is to make. Its ingredients include codeine, gasoline, paint thinner, eye drops, and a few other items that you can pick up at your local convenience store.

• The results of Krokodil include lesions on the skin that give the user an appearance of scales like a crocodile, hence where the name came from. Most predictors indicate that a user has the potential of dying just six-months after using Krokodil on a regular basis.

• Due to the severity of the effects of Krokodil, inpatient treatment is the most reliable source of recovering from the drug. Inpatient treatment will allow you to detox from the drug, as well as learn ways to avoid getting reintroduced to the drug while on the street.

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide – Street Name: LSD

• Despite being a popular party drug with college students and younger generations, LSD is a harmful drug that can have unpredictable effects while under the influence. LSD, which often comes in a tab form, typically creates a high where the user will feel euphoric and have psychedelic trips. However, some of these psychotic effects can also include a complete loss of sense in perception and control that a person has in their life, which can result in panic attacks or other harmful mental situations.

• While there are still few results in terms of long-term LSD use, many users should instead be concerned about the mental effects that can happen each time they take the drug. Each trip can be different, which can result in unpredictable effects.


• Heroin has long been a deadly drug that has been found on the streets of America. In the 1980s, a heroin epidemic took place that was killing record amounts of people on a daily basis. Heroin is known for being incredibly addicting, while also leaving the user with horrible withdrawals when coming down from the drug.

• Because heroin develops in the body so quickly, a user’s body will demand more of the drug in an unhealthy pattern. And considering heroin is so difficult to come down from, it is likely that the best treatment is with inpatient medical health. In many cases, medical support needs to be provided to help the body come down from heroin in order to prevent the drug from completely cutting off functioning of the brain.

• Not only is heroin one of the most deadly drugs in America, it remains that way because it is so difficult to kick the habit.

Opiates and Prescription Drugs

• Prescription drugs have seen an increase in abuse over the last few years, namely because of the ease that they can be provided. Although some people are prescribed drugs like Codeine, Darvocet, Demerol, Morphine, Percocet or Vicodin for legitimate health concerns, there are obvious ways for users to abuse the drugs.

• Where opiates and prescription drugs also become an increasing problem is with children of those who are prescribed these drugs. Some children may come across these drugs by accident, while others may seek them out if they know their parents have them. Either way, the results can be disastrous. If your child develops an addiction to prescription drugs, it is vital that you seek inpatient care immediately. An early dependency to drugs can begin a lifelong battle with addiction if it goes untreated.

Bath Salts

• The concerning part with bath salts is how easily available they are to people. Originally, these drugs were sold as legal products that were used for baths and labeled, “not for human consumption.” However, that didn’t stop people from using bath salts as a drug, which caught on quickly with users.

• Bath salts can be swallowed, smoked, injected, or snorted. Each of these processes result in varying amounts of hallucination-like highs. However, users of bath salts also can have extreme paranoia, which leads to violent outbreaks.

• Because bath salts are readily available in a variety of ways, it is vital that any addiction to the drug is quickly addressed in an attempt to stop.

There is no denying that there are plenty of dangerous and deadly drugs available on the market. However, it is important that with any of these drugs, proper rehabilitation is considered to avoid further dependence. Inpatient treatment is typically the best option, and can get you on the path to living a drug-free life.

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