Inpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient Drug Rehab
Inpatient drug rehab is an addiction rehab course that can take several months to over a year to complete, depending on the severity of the addiction and the addict’s willingness to give up their addiction and recover. For the most part, inpatient drug rehab usually lasts about 6 months. During this time, the recovering addict goes through several core courses, and other optional courses and activities for those who want to develop or enhance skills or learn new skills or hobbies.  Another advantage of an inpatient program is that clients are able to interact with others who are going through the same trials and offer each other advice and support when times get tough.

What Are the Inpatient Program Options?

The core courses include individual and group counseling, physical therapy, mental therapy, daily or weekly seminars, and classes strictly created to help the addict face challenges once they are outside of inpatient drug rehab. Counseling is the most important course that every recovering addict must undergo in inpatient rehab. During individual counseling the addict explores the emotional problems that may have triggered their addiction in the first place. Physical therapy includes yoga, stretching exercises and meditation to become physically healthy and in touch with their inner-self for a more positive outlook.  Seminars and classes work with the recovering addict to learn better methods for facing struggles in daily life. These classes help the addict see how their addiction is affecting others and also helps them learn strategies for remaining sober.

The Most Beneficial Treatment Plan Available

An inpatient rehab program provides benefits on physical, psychological and emotional levels. This type of program offers clients the ability to take the time they need to focus on recovery without feeling rushed or limited. With inpatient programs, clients enjoy a relaxing environment, counselors available around the clock, and a flexible program that can be adapted to suit each client individually.  They also receive nutritious meals, vitamin therapy, massage therapy, and a wide variety of activities and classes that help them develop skills and confidence for successful relapse prevention and functionality when they exit the program.

Inpatient drug rehab is one of the most sought out addiction treatment programs because of the options that are offered and the high success rates that continue to grow. If you would like more information regarding inpatient treatment, call today.

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