Marijuana is a drug that is used for recreational purposes throughout the entire world. It is derived from buds of the cannabis plant that has been cut and dried to be smoked or eaten. It is not physically addictive, but it is mentally addictive which can have even more negative effects on a person than physical addiction. When someone becomes mentally addicted to this drug, they think that they need it in their life on a regular basis and will use it to have a good time, before they go to work, or even to just do so. They will constantly crave the feeling of being high without actually being physically addicted to the drug.

Short Term and Long Term Effects

The short term effects of marijuana that one might experience while under the influence includes an increased appetite, drowsiness, loss of control of motor skills, forgetfulness and confusion. These side effects can last anywhere from several minutes to over an hour. The short term effects are not considered deadly unless the user is not aware of their surroundings and causes physical harm to themselves, but the long term effects can become deadly within days of use. Throat and lung problems such as cancer are possible due to inhalation of the smoke as well as decreased brain cell count and loss of brain function. Daily use can result in loss of self-control or concern for their actions.

Different Methods of Ingestion

The favorite method of ingesting marijuana involves rolling it into a “joint” to be smoked.  Other methods include smoking it in a pipe, or combining it with tobacco in an emptied cigar (blunts).  This method is especially dangerous because of the combination of nicotine and other chemicals.  Some people prefer to mix it in food or brew it into a tea.  A concentrated form of the drug is known as hashish and a black liquid form is known as hash oil.  Although most users claim that this is a safe form of recreational drug use, it can become dangerous with repeated use.

Marijuana is a serious drug. Even though it is not instantly deadly, it can become deadly over time. If you or someone you care for is mentally addicted, call now. Making the change towards life as a recovered addict is not an easy one to make, but it is a smart one to make.

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