Substance Addiction

Substance Addiction
Substance addiction, more commonly known as drug abuse, is the maladaptive pattern of using a substance for reasons other than medical. Substance abuse can be considered when someone is taking a drug in order to enhance their physical or mental performance, or to escape the stress and demands of everyday life.  As the addiction takes hold, the individual loses control of the situation and can no longer resist taking more of the substance and professional treatment will be necessary in order to successfully recover.

Different Reasons but Same Harmful Effects

Whether it is cocaine, heroin, LSD, diet pills, prescription pain pills, or alcohol, they are all considered to be classified under the list of drugs that can be abused. When someone is dealing with a substance addiction, they are usually not in their right state of mind. A substance abuser is likely to have dealt with something in his or her life that triggered the problem. For instance, an individual began using diet pills to lose weight and eventually became addicted to them, or perhaps an individual felt they needed cocaine in order to work longer hours and eventually began using it for recreational purposes. Regardless of the reasons, the harmful side effects of substance abuse always remain the same.

Serious Side Effects Can Lead to Death

When someone is dealing with addiction, they are likely to contract blood-borne viruses due to using dirty needles or possibly contract an STD from having multiple sexual partners. In most cases, an addict has problems with cognitive abilities and are unable to function normally in society. Other side effects of substance abuse include heart conditions, organ failure, blood pressure problems and death.

Substance addiction is a complex disorder that requires professional treatment to overcome.  The individual must undergo detox to cleanse their system and remove all traces of the substance.  This process helps the person overcome the physical dependence and eliminate cravings.  Their next step is to enter a rehabilitation program to learn how to successfully function in daily life without the need for these addictive substances.

If you or a loved one struggles with substance addiction, contact us today to learn how we can help you recover and enjoy a normal, rewarding future.

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