Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona is  the 32nd largest city and 52nd largest metropolitan area in the United States. Tucson is the largest city in southern Arizona and is home to the University of Arizona. There is a high number of visible optics-related companies in Tucson earning it the nickname “Optics Valley”.  It is located in the Sonoran Desert with a skyline dominated by mountains in every direction. Tucson is home to world-class spas, golf courses, Pima Air and Space Museum, the Flandrau Science Center and Planetarium, art galleries, Arizona Opera, the Arizona Diamond Backs Baseball team, and much more.

Tucson, Arizona Taken for Granted

Tuscon, ArizonaWhile being the home of these many attractions, Tucson, Arizona is reported to be one of the major transshipment points for cocaine distribution from Arizona throughout the United States. Marijuana is also widely available in high quantities, and Tucson is commonly used as a stash location until the loads are ready to be sent to their final destination. Meth and Ecstasy are frequently smuggled across the Southwest border into Arizona, as well as locally produced methamphetamine that is responsible for small quantities. Other substances include oxycodone products, such as OxyContin® and Percocet® and hydrocodone products, such as  Vicodin®, are problematic substances being abused in Tucson. Primary methods of obtaining such substances include illegal sale and distribution, doctor-shopping to obtain prescriptions, forged prescriptions, theft, and the internet.

Treatment Options In Tucson, Arizona

In an effort to combat the drug-related crime and deaths associated with such a high level of drug trafficking and abuse, an increased availability of effective treatment programs is crucial in this city, as with any other city in the US today.  Far too many individuals suffer the ultimate outcome, death, because they didn’t get the treatment they so desperately needed.  Many facilities now offer financial arrangements of some type in order to make treatment more accessible.  Regardless of the severity of the addiction or the substance involved, there is a program that can help the individual leave this lifestyle behind, and move forward into a promising future, free from the limitations imposed by drugs.

No one wants to be an addict, but the withdrawals they suffer when they try to abstain are more than they can tolerate and they are forced to continue using in order to avoid the discomfort and pain.  Professional detox can guide the addict through withdrawals with 24/7 monitoring by caring, addiction specialists in order to make the process as safe and comfortable as possible.  When this type of help is available, there is no good reason why anyone should attempt withdrawal alone.  Following successful detox, the individual should enter a rehabilitation program to learn how to live in a stressful world without relying on mind-altering substances to help them get through the day.  Addiction has depleted their self-esteem, diminished their health and possibly caused ruined relationships and failed careers.  These individuals need to be re-trained, revitalized, and filled with empowerment to remain drug-free for life.

If you or a loved one is living in or around Tucson, Arizona, and are suffering from substance abuse, contact your local Tucson, Arizona addiction treatment center right now.

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