California Addiction Treatment

California Addiction TreatmentThere are many California addiction treatment centers available to help someone who is suffering the negative effects of drug or alcohol addiction. Each has its own unique approach to treatment, but their programs are all based on getting you off the drugs and helping you remain drug-free for life.

The first step at most California addiction treatment centers is a medical evaluation. The staff wants to know exactly what their clients have in their systems at the time of admission. By knowing what is in their client’s system, they are able to determine if that client needs to undergo detoxification in order to be stable enough to participate in all of the programs the California addiction treatment center has to offer.

California Addiction Treatment Personal Care

At many California addiction centers a comprehensive assessment follows the medical evaluation and detoxification. The client undergoes a thorough psychiatric and psychological evaluation to determine their status and to form a special treatment plan specifically for that individual. Each individual at the California addiction treatment center is assigned a case worker. The case worker helps the individual through the process that leads to long-term recovery. The staff at most California addiction treatment centers includes therapists, counselors, masters-level nurse practitioner, an acupuncturist, and other professionals in the community such as a nutritionist or a chiropractor.

California Addiction TreatmentEach client must be clean and sober for a consistent 72-hours before they can enter a regular residential treatment program. The California treatment centers rely on both Eastern and Western philosophies on addiction treatment. Among these philosophies are: acupuncture, yoga, massage, group therapy and individual therapy.  These programs are intended to make the client focus on the clinical program, instead of the physical withdrawal.

Reach Your Goals With California Addiction Treatment

The goal for California addiction treatment centers is to get the drugs out of their client’s system, teach them how to keep the drugs out of their system, and give them a new life not involving abusing substances.  If you would like more information regarding California addiction treatment programs, call today and speak with one of our representatives.

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