California Alcohol Addiction

California alcohol addiction is one of the most commonly treated addictions. This fact can be applied to any city nationwide, as well. Two out of three California adults report drinking alcohol, and half of the alcohol is consumed by heavy drinkers.

Gaining a Renewed Sense of Purpose in Life

California Alcohol AddictionAlcoholism is an addiction that occurs slowly over a period of  time, and it effects the body physically and also changes the way the brain processes information and emotions. In California alcohol addiction programs are designed to treat the whole individual, not just the physical addiction. We understand that there are many other factors involved that contributed to the addict’s need to drink heavily. Our programs will help the alcoholic understand why they began drinking and how to successfully avoid alcohol consumption in the future. After successful completion of our treatment program, the recovered alcoholic will emerge with restored self-esteem and a new sense of purpose for rebuilding their life.

Alcohol addiction in California affects people in many different ways, and is considered to be the cause of 50% of all violent crimes, accidents, and death by suicide. Alcohol addiction contributes to a number of other additional health problems, including liver damage, heart disease, brain damage, and cancer. California alcoholism addiction is one of the leading causes of individuals seeking the help of a drug and alcohol treatment specialist.

There are Many Reasons for Alcohol Abuse

In California there are many reasons why people may turn to alcohol. They tend to use and abuse alcohol in times of stress or depression, and almost all alcoholics use alcohol as a coping tool or a way to make themselves feel better. Alcoholics drink in order to feel more at ease in social situations, and others use it to help them deal with stress. California alcohol addiction specialists report that family history plays a big part in alcohol addiction, and children of alcoholic parents are more likely to become an alcoholic or use other drugs.

If you need more information on California alcohol addiction treatment, call Rehabilitation USA today and let one of our staff tell you about our programs.

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