California Detox and Withdrawal

California detox and withdrawal programs are proud to be able to offer clients the very best available addiction treatment for any dependency.  Every client has a different dependency and medical history, so each person should be treated as individuals with specific needs.  Drug addiction is no longer shameful or a hidden disease of the drug addict.  It is rather, known as a medical disease caused by a legitimate chemical imbalance.

California Detox and Withdrawal Program

It is very important to choose the right California detox and withdrawal program that will fit your needs.  The goal is to achieve the best care possible. Specialized staff will consult the clients on pre-existing conditions to minimize risks and maximize positive results. There are roughly 1800 people in California detox and withdrawal programs that go and stay in an inpatient facility and an estimated 4,400 people that try to do an outpatient detox program. Although both are available, statistics show that inpatient facilities tend to have a higher success rate.

In California, the most common form of detoxification is social detox.  Social detox is a medically monitored program, but here there are no prescriptions given. There is proper nutrition, rest, and along with vitamin and mineral supplements; most drugs can be withdrawn through this fashion.  We also have a program here in California that is called a medical detox.  It’s where the drugs are given on a short-term basis so as to stabilize the client and eliminate the major withdrawal symptoms.  Specialized staff and doctors will oversee this process. The detox and withdrawal process usually lasts a week or so; this depends on the amounts and the types of drugs that were taken, as well as the person’s health and history.

California Detox and Withdrawal Information

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