California Family and Alcoholism

California Family and Alcoholism California family and alcoholism studies have shown that children who live with one or two alcoholic parents will most likely become alcoholics themselves. They grow up with a feeling of guilt, shame, depression, and have issues of low self-esteem and abandonment. Alcoholism also has a devastating effect on the development of the child because they tend to become withdrawn, have problems in school both socially and academically, and many eventually drop out of school putting their future success in jeopardy.  These parents often are oblivious to the sadness and loneliness their children are suffering through.  They are missing out on sharing the best years of their children’s lives.

Numerous Effects of Alcoholism on the Family

Alcoholism affects the family in many ways, but the worst effects are suffered by children who are abused or neglected by intoxicated parents.  Additionally, many spouses of alcoholics fall victim to verbal or physical abuse.  Many of these spouses turn to alcohol or drugs as a means of escape.  Another effect of alcohol on the family is evident when the spouse and children become enablers.  They often try to hide the problem from friends or extended family and will make excuses or lie for the alcoholic.  This makes it easier for the alcoholic to continue the behavior because they don’t have to worry about anything except getting drunk.  All their daily responsibilities are being taken care of by family.   This is the scenario for  millions of families today, and in California, family and alcoholism issues are on the rise annually.

Contact Rehabilitation USA Today to Speak with a Counselor About the Family and Alcoholism

Families suffering with alcoholism in California should seek treatment and family counseling that is provided by addiction treatment specialists at Rehabilitation USA. Since the family is the most important support group for the alcoholic, it is important to ensure that the family foundation of trust and love is strong. Having a positive family group will dramatically help the alcoholic during their time in the drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment center.

For more information about California family and alcoholism treatments, please contact Rehabilitation USA and speak with one of our professionals today.

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