Fresno, California

Fresno, California is the fifth largest city in California, with a population of 494,665 according to the 2010 United States Census. Fresno is also the 34th most populated city in the nation. Fresno, California is located in the center of the San Joaquin Valley of Central California, and offers tons of outdoor activities such as baseball, river rafting, farm tours, wineries, lakes, mountains, a zoo, and many others.   The Fresno Municipal Sanitary Landfill was the first modern landfill in the United States, and today is considered a national historic landmark.

Fresno, California Struggles With Addiction

Fresno, CaliforniaHowever, like most cities in California, there are increasing rates of substance abuse. Methamphetamines are the most popular drug in Fresno, California.  Many organizations continue to produce and distribute high amounts of meth through trafficking, along with local, smaller laboratories.  Prescription drugs such as Vicodin and Oxycontin continue to be problematic for California. Methods of obtaining prescription drugs include illegal selling and distribution, going to a number of doctors and obtaining multiple prescriptions, forged prescriptions, theft, and the Internet. Marijuana remains the most accessible drug across the state of California and the second most popular drug in Fresno. Since marijuana is grown in the northern part of the state, it is easily transported. Alcohol dependency is a serious concern within Fresno as well. Alcohol can be easily dismissed, but the consequences can be just as serious as other substance such as heroin.

Across the country, just as in Fresno, the need for effective drug treatment facilities is a major concern.  The effects of drug-related problems on the city’s finances and on society as a whole are becoming almost insurmountable, but by getting more and more addicts into treatment, the chances of them returning to society as a contributing citizen are far more likely.  Residential, long-term programs have proven to be the most effective, and with serious addictions such as opiates, this is the best option.  Far too often, quick-fixes are utilized, and these usually end in relapse, therefore a stigma is established wrongly implying that rehab doesn’t work.

Find Treatment in Fresno, California

Rehab facilities in Fresno are equipped and dedicated to help addicts learn the skills needed to take back control of their future.  With most addicts, there are contributing factors that played a role in getting the individual to this point.  Low-self esteem, depression, relationship issues, financial problems, or chronic health issues lead the person to self-medicate with addictive substances.  As their drug taking behavior continues, the problems get worse, and this cycle of avoidance and denial becomes a daily ritual.  In a residential, long-term treatment program, addicts discover the underlying reasons for their desire to try drugs, and they learn more effective methods for dealing with life’s daily issues without the need for addictive escape tools.  Following successful graduation from the program, aftercare services are available to provide continued support and encouragement when the going gets a little tough.

Alcohol and drug addiction has become a growing epidemic throughout Fresno, California. However, there is a way out of this growing trend. Your local addiction treatment center in Fresno will help you with this need. Call today and seek the help you need.

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