Palm Springs Drug Rehab

Palm Springs Drug RehabMany of the Palm Springs drug rehab or drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment centers are designed to provide a comprehensive treatment program for drug rehab that can also work with those individuals who have dual diagnosis. These drug rehabs are designed especially to help the individual find recovery from their drug addiction on a physical, mental and spiritual level, and provide many different therapies to meet this goal.

Restoring Overall Health with Detoxification

When it comes to the detoxification and withdrawal process, the Palm Springs drug rehab provides a medically supervised setting to ensure the safety of the individual while they are undergoing what can be a very difficult period of time. Some detoxification programs use pharmaceutical drugs, while others provide a more holistic or natural program for healing. These drug rehab programs utilize therapy programs such as sauna detoxification and vitamin and nutritional therapies to rid the body of the toxic residues of the drug and to restore the overall health of the individual.

When detox has been successfully completed, the individual is ready to begin a rehabilitation program to help them learn how to function in life’s daily routines without needing drugs to help them cope.  During rehab, the client learns relapse prevention techniques while also learning the underlying reasons for the addiction.  These combined tools will help them develop new attitudes toward life in general and give them a renewed sense of self-worth to utilize during the transition back into society.

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During the rehabilitation process, Palm Springs drug rehab offers group and individual counseling, behavioral and cognitive therapy, educational programs and other programs that are designed to restore the individual in body, mind and spirit.  Addiction is much more than the act of taking too many drugs.  It is comprised of emotional, environmental, physical and behavioral issues that must all be treated simultaneously before recovery can become reality.

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