Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado houses more than 380,000 inhabitants and is the 2nd most populated city in the state.  A part of El Paso County, Colorado Springs is the most populous city in the county located in Eastern Colorado near the bottom of Pikes Peak.  Colorado Springs is approximately one mile above sea level and is known for its business and commercial centers.  With such an increase in business in Colorado Springs, drug addiction statistics have also increased.

Drug Problems In Colorado Springs, Colorado

Drug abuse statistics for Colorado Springs, Colorado are alarming, with the majority of cases being prescription medication fraud and prescription drug abuse.  From 2004-2005, the cases doubled for prescription medication fraud.  Colorado Springs became well-known for its drug trafficking after the Tovar Drug Trafficking Organization was busted in 2005 for their trafficking of cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, and heroin.  That year, the law enforcement agency seized almost half a million dollars in illegal drugs.  Statistics shows that drug traffickers are responsible for the large distribution of cocaine, meth, marijuana, heroin, and other drugs in this area.  Street gangs and other gang organizations are largely associated with the trafficking of illegal substances in Colorado Springs, Colorado as well as the entire state.

Rehabilitation Centers: Everyone needs a little help sometimes

Life is a complicated process each and every day. Some people sail through with seeming ease, while others face more challenges along the way. There are a vast variety of problems that one can encounter. Many people fall prey to the difficulties and challenges life presents, which is nothing to be ashamed of. For example, a thirty-five year old wife and mother of three just cannot handle the pressures of life and turns to alcohol to numb the pain. Before she knows it, it has spun into a dependency which she cannot pull herself out. Regardless of the issue at hand there is help available. There are rehabilitation centers to help people on their journey called life.

When people think of rehabilitation centers, it generally has a negative connotation associated with it. Yet there should be nothing wrong with asking for and receiving help. All people at some point need a lending hand along the way. One type of lending hand is in the form of rehabilitation centers. While there are many reasons for rehabilitation, a typical center is one for drug and alcohol dependence. These types of facilities are usually ones that require the person to stay at the location for a set time and have very little contact with the outside world. A person who has some sort of addiction needs to look inward and focus solely on themselves in order to tame the beast of their disease. This type of program has proven beneficial in treating addictions for decades. One of the most prominent facilities is the Betty Ford Center in California. This program is extremely effective in healing individuals as well as the families that have been affected. It is truly a life saving program for all involved. The Betty Ford Center was a pioneer in opening the eyes of the public that addiction should not be a shameful secret.

No matter what type of problem a person has, an injury, addiction, or an eating disorder, rehabilitation centers are there to heal. No one has to go through life without some help once in awhile.

Colorado Springs, Colorado Addiction Help

Fortunately, Colorado Springs has several programs and treatment centers to help people through the recovery of various types of drug addictions.  Would you like to know more information about drug addictions and how to break the cycle? If so, please call your local Colorado drug rehab center, someone is standing by to help with your need.

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