Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida is a major city in the United States and is located along the west coast of Florida.  In 2010 the population of Tampa was 335,709. It has a number of sports teams including the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFL, the Tampa Bay Lightning in the NHL, and the FC Tampa Bay Roadies in the North American Soccer League. Tampa has been ranked the eighth cleanest city in America in 2008 by Yahoo Real Estate, and the fifth best outdoor city by Forbes. Tampa is also home to Busch Gardens Tampa, Adventure Island, the Florida Aquarium, and many more.

Drugs Throughout Tampa, Florida

Tampa, FloridaDespite the allures of this dreamy city, Tampa’s statistics show battles with substance abuse. Tampa is the main area of all the methamphetamine distribution and abuse within Florida. Methamphetamine is transported into Florida mostly by Mexican/California drug trafficking organizations.  Club drugs are also a main concern within Tampa.  The party scene, nightclubs, and tourist atmosphere provide a constant market for MDMA, often known as Ecstasy, which has grown in popularity with high school and college age individuals. Cocaine is the primary drug threat within Florida. After cocaine is smuggled into Tampa, Florida, it is distributed to other areas of the state. Marijuana is also popular in Tampa, especially indoor growing operations. There has also been increasing levels of prescription drug abuse in Florida, through methods such as illegal selling and distributing, having multiple doctors write prescriptions, forging prescriptions, and the internet.

As with every other major city in the US, Tampa certainly has felt the impact of the widespread drug abuse and drug-related crime.  The costs to local government agencies for law enforcement, hospitalizations, treatment programs and many more, have encouraged city officials to increase the availability of drug treatment facilities in the area.  In this way, more addicts are able to beat their addictions and return to being productive members of society, rather than being a financial burden.

Thousands of recovering addicts are living proof that rehabilitation really does make a difference.  After completing a long-term, residential program, an individual has learned a set of skills and relapse prevention techniques that are valuable assets when the real world steps in with it’s temptations and stress.  Graduates of a professional rehabilitation program are stronger mentally, physically and spiritually and are ready to accept responsibility for their own future.

Tampa, Florida Addiction Treatment

If you or a loved one are living in or around Tampa, Florida, and are suffering from substance abuse, contact your local Florida addiction treatment center right now.

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