Fayette County, Georgia

Fayette County, GeorgiaFayette County, Georgia has a population of only 91,263 people.  This county is located in the Atlanta Metropolitan area and the county seat is Fayetteville, Georgia.  Even though this county is rather small compared to larger counties in the North and West, it is still known for producing outstanding individuals.  Many of the locals of Fayette County, Georgia have gone on to achieve great things in their lives and a few to name include:

  • Andre 3000 of Outkast
  • Lee Haney, retired professional body builder and Mr. Olympia titleholder
  • Big Boi, rapper in the group Outkast
  • William Regal, pro wrestler
  • Reed Sorenson, NASCAR driver
  • Calvin Johnson, current NFL receiver for the Detroit Lions, Sandy Creek HS, and Georgia Tech Alum
  • Mike Duke, CEO of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
  •  Robert H. Brooks, Chairman and CEO, Hooter’s of America, Inc.
  • Gy Waldron, Creator and Executive Producer, “The Dukes of Hazard”
  • Keshia Knight Pulliam, actress, “The Cosby Show,” “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne”
  • Tim Hudson, starting pitcher with the Atlanta Braves

These men and women have left their mark on America, and the county of Fayette County, Georgia is continuing to produce people with outstanding talents.

Fayette County, Georgia At Risk

One problem that could possibly put a stop to the production of outstanding locals is addiction.  In America, especially in the deep south, problems with addiction to drugs and alcohol are continuing to spread.  People from all different kinds of backgrounds are dealing with addiction in their day to day lives, and this problem will continue to grow in Fayette County, Georgia if there is not a solution to the problem.

Managing The Risk In Fayette County, Georgia

The smartest and most promising solution to the addiction crisis is addiction rehab.  If you are living in or around Fayette County, Georgia and you are living with an addiction, call now to find an addiction treatment center near you and get the help you need to help keep your county as amazing tomorrow as it is today.

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