Forsyth County, Georgia

Forsyth County, GeorgiaForsyth County, Georgia has a total population of 175,511 people as of the year 2010 and it is constantly growing and the county seat is Cumming, Georgia. Forsyth County is one of the fastest growing counties in the United States and is on the list of Forbes 21st wealthiest counties in the nation.  This county is part of the Atlanta metropolitan area.

Forsyth County is most known for it’s outstanding lake that is enjoyed by the locals and non-residents when the summer’s sun gets too hot to handle. This man-made lake is called Lake Lanier and is over 37,000 acres.  There are also several nature trails and mountain hikes that one can take on a weekend getaway to Forsyth County.

Like all other southern counties, Forsyth County, Georgia has faced problems with Civil Rights movements and outbreaks.  A few significant examples include:

  • The marches and demonstrations that went on in the 1980’s
  • The Racial Cleansing of 1912
  • The house fire that took place in 2009 over Obama being elected into the White House which actually turned   out to be fraud – the house fire was set by the homeowner to look like a hate crime

Even with this county’s problems with racial stirs, it is still a beautiful county full of opportunities for all.

Forsyth County, Georgia Fighting Addiction

Forsyth County has dealt with good and bad in its past, but one problem that has remained significant in the past and a foreseen problem for the future is drug and alcohol addiction. This problem is taking over American counties and Forsyth County, Georgia is no exception.  If you are living in or around Forsyth County and you or a loved one is facing addiction to drugs or alcohol, call now to get the help that is so desperately needed.  Overcoming addiction is not easy, but getting help sooner can ensure a higher chance at actually defeating the addiction before it worsens.

Beat The Addiction Forsyth County, Georgia

For more information about drug rehab in Forsyth County, Georgia, call one of our professionals today.

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