Hawaii Drug Addiction

Although Hawaii is a series of islands isolated in the Pacific Ocean, it has not stopped the influx of drugs being brought into the islands. Many drug cartels utilize Hawaii’s shipping venues, airlines, and even the US Postal Service to move drugs into Hawaii and as a halfway point between the Far East and the Pacific coastline of the United States. This trafficking has caused a rise in Hawaii drug addiction.

Hawaii Drug Addiction Can Be Stopped

Hawaii Drug AddictionThe increase in the use of Cocaine, Heroin, Marijuana, and Methamphetamine has caused drug related crimes, Hawaii drug addiction, and violence to increase. The use of many date rape drugs has also become a major concern in Hawaii. Black tar Heroin is popular but still has minimal supplies to a lot of the rural areas while Southeast Asian Heroin is only limited in terms of the amounts smuggled in. High grade Marijuana has also been found to be produced locally in Hawaii and distributed within the state and also exported to the other land based states within the United States.

Because of all of the problems created by the influx of drugs into Hawaii and the increase of major addiction issues, Hawaii has necessitated a need for Hawaii drug rehab facilities and treatment programs. Part of the states plans in the fight against the rise in addiction and drug abuse in Hawaii is to promote access to more rehab programs for addicts and alcoholics. This combined with the help of the US Drug Enforcement Administration’s crackdown on much of the drug trafficking and drug related violence going on in the state is helping many who are suffering with addiction problems.

Getting Help For Hawaii Drug Addiction

Suffering under the hands of addiction should not have to be a way of life for anyone. The state and local governments of Hawaii are trying to increase the access that people have to the help that they need to overcome addiction by providing more options in the way of rehab facilities. If you or a loved one is seeking help for addiction, please call us. Our licensed drug and alcohol addiction counselors can help you find a Hawaii drug addiction treatment program that can guide you toward a sober life and a successful future.

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