Chicago Drug Addiction

Holding the title as the third largest metropolitan area in the United States can definitely have its pros and cons, and Chicago drug addiction is one of the major cons or disadvantages. Chicago is a prime location for many of the drug cartels, and this in turn, continues to drive up the addiction rate for the city. Many in Chicago do not realize the impact that drug addiction can have on their lives. The negative effects of drug addiction touch the lives of the addict, their loved ones, and the people of the communities. Drug addiction impacts everyone regardless of their race, gender, age, or social status.

Do You Need Help With Drug Addiction?

Chicago Drug AddictionRegardless of what many choose to believe, drug addiction and abuse is not a choice that anyone makes. No one wakes up one day and decides that they want to be a drug addict, it doesn’t work that way. While it is true that the choice to take the drug for the first time is a voluntary choice, once addiction takes hold, it is no longer a choice. Drug addiction is a disease, and like any other disease, it does not just go away without treatment and sometimes, even with the treatment, it is a lifelong struggle to stay sober. This is not a path anyone would expect their life to take.  When they first choose to use a drug, they mistakenly believe that they can control the situation. Unfortunately, some powerful drugs can become addictive after only one use and the chance to remain in control is no longer an option for the individual. The drug is now in control.

With prolonged use of any drug, the brain becomes accustomed to the drug’s presence and makes adjustments. For example, many drugs cause the rapid release of dopamine which results in the euphoric high that comes with  using the drug. Because of the excessive amounts of dopamine that the drug releases within the brain, the brain stops or lessens its production of the chemical. This means that the brain becomes reliant on the drug for this function thereby changing the chemistry and function of the brain. Because of these physical changes, if the user tries to discontinue or decrease use of the drug, they experience intense cravings and painful withdrawal symptoms.

The dangers that come with extensive drug addiction are life threatening. Not only does a person put themselves in dangerous situations to obtain the drugs, but they also risk diseases such as Hepatitis and HIV with the use of drug paraphernalia such as needles. There is also the increased risk for sexually transmitted diseases with drug use.

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Chicago offers many options for drug addiction treatment programs including many non-profit organizations that will help those that may not be able to afford treatment. Many facilities also offer financial assistance as well. Addiction does not have to be a way of life for anyone. Taking back control of your life can begin with the decision to get help. We can set up a treatment program to help you find the freedom and relief from addiction that you desire. A better, happier, and healthier life can begin today with Chicago drug addiction treatment.

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