Chicago Drug Intervention

Many people have misunderstandings of drug interventions; however, a Chicago drug intervention is not what people see on television which is lots of conflict and anger. During a Chicago drug intervention everything is run more smoothly and calmly. Chicago drug interventions are generally run by someone who specializes in interventions.

Do You Need A Chicago Drug Intervention?

Chicago Drug InterventionAn intervention is usually defined as an attempt to stop an individual’s pattern of negative behaviors and addictions. Most individuals do not realize how bad their addictions are, or that they even have problems. These individuals also do not see how much they have hurt their families, friends, and loved ones, physically, mentally, and emotionally. By having everyone come together for this drug intervention, it allows the family, friends, and loved ones, sufficient time to tell the addict what they have done to them and what their addiction has done to all of their lives.

Chicago Drug Intervention Planning

For most Chicago drug intervention, each person attending the intervention should write a letter to the individual beforehand and read it aloud to him or her. These letters should include personal information about what his or her addiction has done to the individual. At the end of the intervention, the addict has a decision to make. He or she must decide if they are willing to get help and admit themselves into a drug rehab program, or they must suffer the consequences. The family members and friends must decide these consequences before the intervention. These consequences must be severe enough that he or she has a hard time deciding not to get help. Some of these could be divorce, no longer maintaining contact with the addict, or even threatening to no longer help them, financially or in any other way.

For more help with information on conducting a Chicago drug intervention, please contact one of our professional staff members today.

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