Chicago Family and The Addiction

No one realizes what a Chicago family and the addiction problems they have may suffer through unless they have been there themselves. In Chicago, families who deal with the addiction of alcohol or drug use have a very painful way to live.  Families that live with a family member with an addiction are always under a lot of stress.  Normal life routines are not the same when a family member is going through an addiction.  It is interrupted by unexpected and sometimes frightening situations.  Chicago understands how the addict is feeling such a sense of “slipping away”.  The family and the drug abuser will manipulate and deny reality so they can try and maintain a family order.

The Epidemic Of Chicago Family and The Addiction

Chicago Family and The AddictionChildren in Chicago that live with parents who are alcoholics or have drug addictions have an overwhelming sense of emotions, and they lack the family support to process and understand things that are going on in their lives.  Also, they can have a feeling of anxiety and ambivalence.  They will start shutting down their own feelings, say they don’t have a problem, start acting out, withdrawing from friends and family, and can be over controlling.  The worst part is when they feel the need to self medicate so they will be able to control their inner experience of chaos.

Help Make A Change In A Chicago Family and The Addiction

In Chicago our family therapists say when you introduce drugs and alcohol into a family it becomes severely challenging because of the emotional and behavioral issues.  The addict’s life will become more about hiding the truth from themselves and their children.  Whether it’s the parent or the child that has an addiction problem, trust and faith is challenged as their family life will become chaotic.

We don’t want children to be left to fend for themselves, nor make them feel they are becoming “parentified”.  These kids that feel they are moving into adult roles will carry huge burdens that they won’t know what to do with causing them to get into trouble in their own lives.

A Chicago family and the addiction needs must be handled before things get out of control.

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