Chicago Life Without Drugs

Imagine the much safer place if there could be Chicago life without drugs. Over almost half of all crimes committed in Chicago have something to do with drugs. Either the person was on drugs when they committed the crime, the person was caught with drugs, or the person was caught selling or buying drugs. If Chicago had a life without drugs most of these people would not have to serve time in jail or even prison. This would free a lot of space in these facilities by reducing the number of people who commit other crimes, such as rape or murder. Also by not having as many people in the jails and prisons, it would cut down on the amount of money taxpayers have to pay for these facilities. This money could go to improvements to the city.

The Possibilities Of Chicago Life Without Drugs

Chicago Life Without DrugsChicago is a very busy city and lots of people visit there all the time. Chicago life without drugs,  would produce more tourists, because they would feel safer. Also, those who have small children would be more likely to visit. By having more people visit, Chicago’s economy would rise due to more people spending money there on food, clothing, hotels, gas, etc.

Chicago life without drugs would also cut down on the amount of deaths. Many people overdose on drugs and die. Also many gang members and drug sellers will kill over their drugs, whether it is the drugs or the money for the drugs.  Both of these reasons, plus many more, are all causes of death from drugs. Without the drugs, these deaths and crimes would more than likely not occur; certainly they would not occur as often. Right now Chicago is trying to make more severe consequences for drug use and distribution. They are hoping by making the penalty more severe, the drug use and distribution will lower and will eventually subside.

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