Drug Rehab In Des Moines, Iowa

Drug Rehab In Des Moines, IowaDrug rehab in Des Moines, Iowa is a drug rehab referral service dedicated to providing the best and most effective treatment available. Des Moines is the capital city of Iowa and is home to over 203,000 residents.  The origins of this famous city can be traced back to 1843 when a fort was constructed to control Indians near the juncture of the Des Moines and Raccoon rivers.   The fort was abandoned three years later and subsequently became occupied by settlers.  Now a bustling metropolitan city, Des Moines is known as one of the best places in American to raise a family.

An abundance of historical sites and modern cultural venues can be found in this great city, and it is home to a wide variety of major corporations, earning a place on the list of  “The Best Places for Businesses and Careers”.

Do You Need Drug Rehab In Des Moines, Iowa?

Unfortunately, as with all other cities across the nation, Des Moines also struggles with the financial and societal burden of rampant drug-related activity.  Although the rate of prescription drug abuse appears to be lower here than in most other states, it continues to be the fastest growing type of substance abuse in Des Moines.

According to Iowa governmental reports, opioid painkillers are the leading source of addictions.  In 2010, the number of prescription related deaths rose by 1,233%, surpassing the number of deaths from illicit drugs by a ratio of more than three-to-one.  Surveys conducted with high school students showed that 4% of these teens admitted to abusing prescription drugs.

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With these numbers in mind, it isn’t difficult to see that there is an increasing need for drug rehab in Des Moines, Iowa.  State agencies and professional treatment facilities are working together in a concentrated effort to save lives by providing an effective level of care for as many addicts as possible.

Prescription drug abuse is becoming the deadliest threat to human life in this country and around the world.   Our goal is to defeat this enemy one person at a time.  Help yourself, or help a friend or loved one by calling today to learn more about drug rehab in Des Moines, Iowa.

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