Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Baton Rouge, Louisiana is the second largest city in the state. It is a major industrial, medical, and research center of the American south. Baton Rouge is located in the southeast of the state along the Mississippi River. According to the 2010 United States Census, Baton Rouge, Louisiana has a population of a little over 229,000. Baton Rouge enjoys a strong economy that has helped the city be ranked as one of the “Top 10 Places for Young Adults” in 2010 by Portfolio Magazine and was ranked as the “9th best place in the country to start a new business by CNN” in 2009. Baton Rouge is also home to one Fortune 500 company and one Fortune 1000 company.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Drug Addiction In Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The drug addiction in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, as well as the entire state, has increased alarmingly over the past few years. The most common way of drug trafficking into Louisiana is using private and commercial vehicles. Colombian, Mexican, and Caribbean traffickers are largely responsible for the transportation and distribution of cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana and others.  Heroin distribution and abuse is not a significant threat in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but still a  dangerous one. Methamphetamine and marijuana compete as the drug of choice in Louisiana. There also is popularity with club drugs like LSD, especially among the younger generations.  Substance abuse and alcoholism in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is a problem not only for the person affected, but the entire community.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana Treatment Centers

The good news is that addiction treatment centers can help guide you in the right direction towards a life without drug addiction present and they will also be able to get you started in the planning process of your rehab today. If you or a loved one is living in or around Baton Rouge, Louisiana and  are suffering from substance abuse, contact your local Louisiana drug rehab addiction treatment center.

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