Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland is the largest city in the state, and located in central Maryland along the Patapsco River.  In 2010, Baltimore had a population of 620,961 and is also the largest independent city in the United States.  Baltimore is a major cultural center and has now become a service based economy.  This is also a popular seaport and is closer to any other port to the markets.  Baltimore inner harbor was once an attractive location for immigrants from all over into the United States.

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland Fighting Drug Problems

Baltimore, Maryland, due to it’s location close to the seaports, suffers from a persistent drug problem.  Drugs that are trafficked among these routes continue to find their way onto the streets of Baltimore.  Like any other city located near the sea, drugs can be easily crept onto the streets with little notice.  The most easily accessible drug to the people of Baltimore is marijuana.  Drugs like cocaine and heroin also are scooped into the city through sea trade.  Baltimore is known for having extremely high quality heroin on its streets.  This contributes to the fact that Baltimore has more heroin addicts than any other city in the country.  Besides marijuana, heroin and cocaine, methamphetamine is also a threat to the city.  With the majority of these substances being targeted towards youth and their sell and production of the drugs, there are a variety of initiatives and programs that Baltimore authorities are employing and designing to prevent and decrease this statistic.

Finding Treatment Near Baltimore, Maryland

If you or someone you care for is living in or around the city of Baltimore, Maryland and addiction is consuming every aspect of your life or your loved ones life, contact your local Maryland drug rehab center right now.  They can help guide you in the right direction towards a life without drug addiction present and they will also be able to get you started in the planning process of your rehab today.

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