Jackson, Mississippi

Jackson, Mississippi, “The City of Soul”, is situated near the heart of the state. Jackson became the capitol city in 1821, although it once was nothing more than a trading post on the west bank of the Pearl River. At that time, Jackson was called “Le Fleur’s Bluff”. Now a thriving metropolitan area, Jackson is centered between New Orleans and Memphis, north to south, and between Dallas and Atlanta, east to west.

Drug Addiction is On the Rise in Jackson

Jackson, MississippiA wide variety of cultural and historical points of interest will capture the heart of any visitor. To name a few, Mynell Gardens, The Jackson Zoo, and Thalia Mara Hall. In the downtown area alone, there are more than 30 restaurants and bars to choose from.

This “City of Soul” has recently been chosen as one of America’s most liveable cities, and it is easy to see why with all it has to offer visitors, or those who choose to settle down and make this their home. This is a great place to live and people here have a variety of choices for entertainment and social activities.

In Jackson, Mississippi, as in every other city in America, a large number of the residents suffer with drug addiction. With all there is to choose from, it is unfortunate that some have fallen into a lifestyle that involves drug use and abuse. Whether a resident or visitor you may have some type of addiction, and want to reach out for help. For this reason, the state has increased their efforts to provide effective, professional rehabilitation facilities for anyone needing this type of care.

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Regardless of whether it is alcoholism, or any of the many addictions that are ruining people’s lives, professional help is always the right answer. Even if you feel you can control it yourself, or that no one else is affected by your problem, you may learn the hard way that drugs and alcohol abuse can ruin not only your life but the lives of those you love or interact with. Please contact us today. Take your life in a strong new direction. Ask for help now.  If you are in or near Jackson, Mississippi and in need of a treatment program, call today to learn how we can help.

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