Henderson, Nevada

Henderson, NevadaThe city of Henderson, Nevada in Clark County was officially incorporated in 1953 and sits in the middle of the Mojave Desert and is one of the top places to live in the US.  The township of Henderson in the 1940’s was the primary producer of magnesium which was a very important metal used to manufacture airplane parts and munitions during World War II.  There are three man-made marvels located in the city of Henderson which are the engineering of Hoover Dam, the beauty of Lake Mead, and the neon of Vegas.  Henderson, Nevada is predominantly a white race and is home to approximately 270,000 residents.  The closest mountain range to the city is the McCullough Range which is covered by volcanic black rocks from an explosion millions of years ago and desert is its landscape.

Henderson, Nevada Fights Against Substances

Henderson, Nevada has a drug problem with methamphetamine as the most frequented drug.  High- grade marijuana is cultivated through indoor hydroponic equipment and is on the rise in neighboring Las Vegas.  Cocaine HCI, which is available without a problem throughout southern Nevada, is transported via ground transportation from California.  A trans-shipment point for this drug is in neighboring Las Vegas.  The distribution market for crack cocaine is operated by street gangs in Nevada’s larger cities.

The city of Henderson has seen a rise in Mexican black tar heroin and is distributed by Mexican nationals. Other drugs abused in southern Nevada cities are Ecstasy, Oxycontin, Hydrocodone products such as Methadone, Xanax, Valium, and Actiq. Henderson, Nevada is plagued with effects of drug and alcohol abuse including drug related illness, loss of time on the job, and even overdoses.  All of these have an impact on the family of the addict and the community.

Henderson, Nevada Offers a Fresh Start

There is help, however.  Professional residential faculties are increasing in numbers in an attempt to treat as many addicts as possible and bring down the rate of crime and costs that stem from their addictions.  These treatment programs work because they treat the whole person, not just the physical addiction.  Each addict suffers from one, two or more emotional, environmental or spiritual issues.  These aspects of the addiction must be addressed if lasting recovery is expected.  Going through detox is not the “cure” for addiction, but it is the first step.  Detox should be followed by an open-ended rehabilitation program that is designed around the person’s specific needs and preferences.

During rehab, clients participate in a variety of classes, activities, role-playing sessions, and group or individual counseling sessions that are target toward specific results.  These routines are developed to help clients gain skills and ethics that will keep them on the right path when they go back into the real world as a drug-free individual.  Aftercare programs are available to provide continued support and guidance when things seem tough.  Rehabilitation gives addicts a fresh start in life.

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