Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada is the most populous city in Nevada with a population of 583,756 in 2010.  Las Vegas is the county seat of Clark County, Nevada.  It is internationally known for its gambling, shopping, and fine dining.  Las Vegas, with it’s various forms of adult entertainment, has earned the title of “Sin City” making it a popular place for films and television programs.  Even though it is a huge tourist location, many people choose to live in or retire to Las Vegas.

Drug Abuse In Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, NevadaDrug abuse and trafficking is a major problem in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Drugs most commonly abused include cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, club drugs such as Ecstasy, and prescription drugs.   Methamphetamine is the most problematic drug abused and trafficked in southern Nevada.  Club drugs are also readily available for most people to abuse in Las Vegas.  This is partly due to the party scene and live entertainment.

There are a variety of programs and initiatives to combat Las Vegas’ drug problems such as Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) and High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) help enforcement agencies educate people against abuse and allow those agencies to appropriately eliminate crime associated with drugs in Clark County and Las Vegas in particular.

Las Vegas, Nevada Struggles With Addiction

Even though Las Vegas appears to be a fun and happy-filled place, many people who reside here struggle with an addiction.  As of July 2006, there were 23 treatment facilities in Las Vegas that were certified by the state of Nevada.  In 2004, the majority of people who sought treatment for an addiction were those addicted to alcohol.  Almost 40% of admissions to treatment facilities were due to alcohol addiction, and approximately 25% of all admissions were due to methamphetamine or amphetamine addictions.

If you or someone you care for is living in or around the city of Las Vegas, Nevada and addiction is causing despair in every aspect of your life, contact our local Las Vegas, Nevada addiction treatment center right now and let them help you start planning your rehab program today.

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