New Jersey Intervention

As drug addiction and abuse continue to escalate in the state of New Jersey, many loved ones find themselves feeling helpless to do anything, New Jersey intervention can be the solution. Addiction takes hold of a person and will ruin everything that they once knew and loved about their life. While many choose to believe that addiction is a choice, the truth is, addiction is a disease that greatly affects the brain. Physical changes in the brain after regular use of drugs are what cause a person to become addicted. Unfortunately, no amount of willpower can help change this without the help of a successful treatment program for recovery. While some addicts may choose to make the conscious decision to get the help that they need to overcome their addiction, some do not.

Intervening on the Addict’s Behalf

New Jersey InterventionCertified and licensed New Jersey intervention specialists give loved ones another option to step in and try to intervene on the addict’s behalf. Intervention is generally a last resort for loved ones as they watch their friend or family member travel down a path that is going to eventually lead to death or jail time.  It should not matter how the person receives help, it only matters that they get it.

Intervention is most effective if the person is sober at the time. It is a way for loved ones to reach out and try to make the addict understand what they are doing to themselves and to their family and friends. Often, addicts truly believe that their addiction does not affect anyone but themselves. The truth is, family members often suffer the worst effects from the addiction.

The most effective time for an intervention is after a major event such as a spouse leaving, jail time, or overdose. Family members often feel the need to help the addict by bailing them out of jail or paying their bills. This gives the addict an easy out and does not make them hold themselves accountable for their problem. All rescue missions by friends and family have to stop. The addict needs to see the problems that they have caused for themselves. Seeing the negative impact that addiction has on their life is key to any recovery program.

Giving Loved Ones Hope

Intervention gives loved ones hope when there may have been none. Even as a last resort to reach out, it gives the addict and their loved ones a chance for a better life. Addiction creates havoc and turmoil for everyone, but getting help can begin with drug intervention and an effective treatment program in a New Jersey licensed rehab facility. Remember, it only matters that they get help, not how they get it. We can give your loved ones a chance for a life free from addiction with New Jersey intervention.

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