New Jersey Signs of Alcohol Addiction

In New Jersey, signs of alcohol addiction continue to increase daily. Alcohol is commonplace in today’s society. It is nothing out of the ordinary for colleagues to share a drink after work or at a business dinner or event. Friends and families often share drinks at cookouts or at bars while they visit. In today’s world, it is easy for a person to hide an alcohol addiction, at least, until it begins to affect their everyday lives, and it will.

Signs of Alcohol Addiction are Becoming More Clear

New Jersey Signs Of Alcohol AddictionAlcoholism can be the result of many different factors. Some people drink and do not become addicted to alcohol, while others can’t take an occasional drink without it causing problems. Those with a history of alcohol addiction in the family are obviously at a significantly higher risk of problems with alcohol abuse, but what other factors contribute to the risk? There are many factors that interconnect to increase a person’s risk of addiction including genetics, how they were raised, social environment, and mental health.

Alcohol addiction, like any other addiction, is the result of increased tolerance and New Jersey signs of alcohol addiction have made this more clear. Someone with an alcohol problem can drink more than usual and not get drunk because their body has developed a higher tolerance level. The increased tolerance means that they have to drink more to feel the effects and this puts them at grave risk for an overdose, or alcohol poisoning.

Signs of alcohol addiction vary with each person, but they are basically the same in severe cases. Alcoholism will cause a person to neglect responsibilities and priorities such as work or school. Children of alcoholics are neglected or placed in dangerous situations such as domestic violence. Drinking and driving is another dangerous sign. Someone that is addicted to alcohol will not care about the negative effects that their drinking may be having on their life or the lives of others.

Call Us Today for Help With Alcohol Addiction

Seeking help for alcohol addiction is the first step to a better life. New Jersey offers many options for rehab facilities for those looking to recover and take back control of their life. Our state-licensed addiction counselors can help you put together a treatment program that is right for you or your loved one. Healing the years of damage done to your mind, body, and spirit will take time, but is worth it for a life of freedom and relief from New Jersey signs of alcohol addiction.

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