Newark, New Jersey

Newark, New JerseyNewark, New Jersey is the largest city in the state of New Jersey.  This city ranks rather high as one of the nation’s largest cities as well, with a total population of 277,140 as of the year 2010.  Newark, New Jersey is known as being a city of ports. Several major ports are located in the city itself, and two include Newark Bay and Port Newark.  Yearly, millions of pounds of cargo are shipped in and out of the city’s ports making it one of the nation’s major cities for international distribution.

Some other things that Newark, New Jersey is known for are distribution and transportation through air and railroads. With products and persons constantly going through the harbors of Newark, New Jersey, other problems such as drug trafficking come up.  Drug suppliers from all over the world use these harbors as a way to get their drugs into the country for distribution.  They hire a drug mule to do the work and they are usually very discreet with their task, sometimes making it impossible to figure out.

Drug Problems in Newark, New Jersey

Drug trafficking into a large city poses threats of drug use and drug addiction.  Many of the locals of Newark, New Jersey use the drugs that are throughout the city as a way to make a living, and also as a way to get high.  Drug addiction is a major problem that is taking over the lives of not only hundreds of the residents of Newark, New Jersey, but thousands.

As with every major city across this country, the costs and damages resulting from the crisis of drug-related crime and activities is a staggering amount.  The war on drugs has increased incarcerations for drug offenses from 40,000 in 1981 to over 500,000 to date.  Nationwide, taxpayers pay over $60 billion a year to incarcerate drug offenders.  The US Government allocates billions of dollars a year for new prisons to meet the growing demand for space. To house a prisoner, it costs approximately $24,ooo a year per prisoner, but ironically, it only costs roughly $8,000 a year per person for a rehabilitation program.  Of those convicted on drug charges, 67% will re-offend within one to three years after being released from prison.  New Jersey ranks #39 in the US, having 298 out of 100,000 of the population currently incarcerated on drug offenses.

In view of the above statistics, is evident that getting these minor offenders into a rehabilitation program would save money and avoid seeing these individuals repeat the cycle over and over again.  In prison, they only learn to work and to fight for survival.  They don’t learn anything about how to avoid drugs in the future, and in many cases, they actually have access to drugs while incarcerated.  In a rehabilitation program, these individuals are removed from the availability of drugs and are educated, trained and counseled in a program designed to restore a sense of integrity and principals and develop new attitudes about life in general.  In this way, they can return to society with a sense of purpose far superior to what they would have after leaving prison.  Prison is for punishment.  Rehab is for restoration – mentally, physically and spiritually.

Live Your Life Free From Drugs; Get Help In Newark, New Jersey

If you have fallen victim to drug addiction or any form of drug use, contact your local Newark drug rehab today.  This problem will only worsen over time.  Make the lifelong commitment to a life free from drug problems in Newark, New Jersey today.

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