New York City

New York CityHome of the Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building and Times Square, New York City is known all around the country for its most famous buildings, museums, theaters, and many other landmarks. Although this is one of the most successful and thriving cities in the nation, with the population being over 19 million, New York also has many drug related issues. The distribution and trafficking of illegal drugs is a big concern. Drugs are smuggled in and out of New York every day. Methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, marijuana and club drugs are all readily available throughout the state.

Drug Problems in New York City

Marijuana is smuggled into New York from all different areas such as Mexico, the southwestern part of the United States, and even Jamaica. Also, indoor growing of marijuana is becoming popular as technology increases. Heroin is available all around New York City, and rates are continuing to grow. This is because most all of the heroin is Colombia or South America based. Heroin is brought into the “Big Apple” by vehicles, cargo, airlines, trains, and any way a person can hide it on their body.

New York has seen a limit and fluctuation of cocaine in the past few years. Most of the cocaine that is brought into the state is transported in by vehicle, cargo, and by the mail service. Although methamphetamine abuse is a lesser problem for the state of New York than cocaine, heroin, and marijuana, it is still a concern for the state. The upstate sees more Meth powder. MDMA, Club Drugs, is a main problem around the New York City nightclubs and school areas. Groups that bring this drug into the state use the mail service and cargo to supply their needs.

The staggering costs of health care, law enforcement and burials of homeless addicts is a continuing burden in the city of New York.  Drug-related crime is skyrocketing, costing the city enormous funds for responding to and solving thousands upon thousands of burglaries, muggings, prescription forgeries, property damage, accidents, and murders daily.  There seems to be no end in sight, but increased efforts by local agencies in collaboration with professional rehabilitation facilities are making a big difference in helping as many addicts as possible receive the care they need and eventually this will cause a dramatic decrease in some of the drug-related crime and costs.

Information on Getting Drug Help in New York City

As you can see, the drug saturation in New York City is relentless. If you are looking for a drug rehab New York City, please call one of our highly skilled professionals today.

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