Durham, North Carolina

Durham, North CarolinaDurham, North Carolina is the county seat of the state, as well as the 5th largest city in the state.  Durham is an exciting and fascinating place to live and visit.  It is the Home of Duke University and North Carolina Central University.  Durham is well known for its culture and sports.  Being home of the Duke Blue Devils basketball team, many visitors and inhabitants of Durham come out to support their home team.  Durham, North Carolina has a diverse culture, and many events take place in the city including jazz festivals, blues festivals, concerts, dance and film events, and many more.

Durham, North Carolina Substance Abuse

Like other cities in the state of North Carolina, drug and alcohol abuse is prevalent and has negative consequences for the local people.  Alcohol is seen to be the most commonly abused substance followed by the abuse of cocaine and methadone.  However, many people continue to abuse and become addicted to drugs like heroin and marijuana.  Alcohol abuse in Durham is due to binge drinking and underage drinking.  This may be in part due to Durham’s sports and college scenes.  HIV rates for Durham are higher than other locations in North Carolina.  Durham County has the 4th highest HIV infection rate than other North Carolina counties for several years now.

Anyone attempting a quick fix for addiction will find that they relapse time after time.  Regardless of the substance involved, overcoming an addiction takes time, and each addict responds to treatment differently.  For these reasons, a long-term residential treatment program will provide the most lasting results.  The best approach is to enter an open-ended program that allows each client the amount of time they need to feel confident in their ability to function in real life without the need for addictive substances.

Durham, North Carolina Rehabilitation

Recovering addicts must develop skills and belief systems that were not present before if they are to remain sober and clean.  Rehabilitation means restoration.  An effective rehab program offers training and counseling to help restore self-confidence and self-esteem while also gaining a different perspective on life in general.  There are emotional, environmental and physical aspects involved in addiction.  If each of these are not addressed, the chance of relapse is high.  The best option for obtaining this level of treatment is to seek a program that allows clients to help create a recovery track based on their specific needs.

Drug rehabilitation programs and centers have emerged in various locations throughout Durham, North Carolina.  For information or help for addictions of various types and you are living in or around the city of Durham, North Carolina, contact your local addiction treatment center right now.  They can help guide you in the right direction without addiction.

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