Greensboro, North Carolina

Greensboro, North CarolinaBased on population, Greensboro, North Carolina is the third largest city in the state of North Carolina.  In 2010, Greensboro’s population stood at 269,666. The city is located at the intersection of two major interstate highways (I-85 and I-40) and sits in the central area of North Carolina. Greensboro is a thriving metropolitan area located in what people call the “Triad” which includes three major cities, Greensboro, High Point, and Winston-Salem. It is well known as a clean city and home of many fabric and transportation industries.  Although this is a thriving, beautiful city, there remains another side of the city that is mostly prosperous to drug dealers.  This is a dark side that every city in the nation is dealing with daily, and it is known as the dirty world of illegal drug activity where dealers, pushers, and users are so high in number that it would be impossible to count all of them.

Increases in Drug Abuse and Trafficking

Greensboro, North Carolina is steadily growing, and due to its location at the intersection of two interstates, many new inhabitants move to the surrounding communities along these highways. However, the rate of alcohol and drug abuse in Greensboro is increasing at high levels, also. Drug distribution is becoming a big problem in the state of North Carolina, and these distributors use private and commercial vehicles to transport these drugs among interstate highways around Greensboro.

Cocaine and heroin are two commonly abused and trafficked drugs in and around this area. Drug statistics also show that Greensboro’s large population of college and university students put this population at risk for marijuana abuse and the selling of GHB, LSD, and MDMA. Marijuana is widely available in North Carolina due to the high rate of its production and trafficking from Mexican sources.

Addiction Treatment Helps in Greensboro

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is everywhere today and it’s so easy to fall into the trap of addiction.  The first step in getting the help you need is to realize that you have a serious problem that you cannot handle on your own.  Depending on how long you have been using your drug of choice, the chances are that when you attempt withdrawal, the symptoms you experience will be so overwhelming that you resort back to the drug in order to avoid the painful withdrawals.  In a professional detoxification facility, you will be supervised 24/7 to ensure that you are as comfortable and safe as possible while your body rids itself of the powerful, controlling substance.  When this has been accomplished successfully, you can move on to the rehabilitation program.

During your time in  a Greensboro rehabilitation facility, you will learn how to identify the underlying reasons for your addiction and how to approach these aspects of your life with a different attitude and with improved skills for handling life on its own terms without the need for mind-altering substances.  Following successful completion of the program, an aftercare service should be utilized to provide continuing support and encouragement when things get a little difficult in order to avoid relapse.

If you are ready for a change, and you want help overcoming an addiction, call your local Greensboro, North Carolina addiction treatment center today.

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