Cincinnati Drug Rehab

Cincinnati Drug RehabAs with every major city in America, there is a growing need for Cincinnati drug rehab facilities. Cincinnati, Ohio has a population in the city limits of 296,943 making it the third largest city in Ohio and has a population of 2,130,151 in the metropolitan area. It was the first major inland city in the country.  Cincinnati is home to two major sports teams, the Cincinnati Reds and the Cincinnati Bengals. The city sponsors annual events such as the Cincinnati Masters Tennis Tournament,  the Ohio Valley Jazz Festival, and the Thanksgiving Day race. It is also home to the Medical College of Ohio that helped found the University of Cincinnati in 1819.

The city was founded in 1788 by John Cleves Symmes and Colonel Robert Patterson. In 1802, Cincinnati, Ohio was chartered as a village. Railroads were the next major form of transportation to come to Cincinnati. The first sheriff, John Brown, was appointed September 2, 1788. In 1879, Proctor and Gamble, a major soap manufacturer, began the sale of Ivory Soap. Downtown Cincinnati is focused around Fountain Square which is a popular public area and event location. Macy’s, the Kroger Company, Sunny Delight, and Chiquita have their major corporation headquarters here.

Additional Treatment Centers is a Top Priority

The abuse of oxycodone, hydrocodone, and valium are increasing in Cincinnati, Ohio and this is making the need for Cincinnati drug rehab facilities a top priority. Additional treatment facilities will hopefully make a huge difference in the overall addiction and crime numbers and help normal citizens feel more secure in their homes or when out and about in the city.  Cincinnati is no different than the majority of states in the United States today as drug and alcohol addiction ruins the lives of innocent residents.

Finding the Best Treatment for Your Needs

If you are battling drug and alcohol addiction and need Cincinnati drug rehab, please contact us today to learn how we can help you find the best treatment program for your unique needs.

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