Toledo, Ohio

Toledo, Ohio is located in the northwestern part of Ohio and is the fourth most populous city in the state. It is a city well known for its industry, especially in the glass and auto assembly industry. It has been nicknamed the “Glass City” due to its cutting edge innovations in the glass industry and the several large glass companies started in Toledo including Owens Corning and Libbey Glass. In Toledo’s automobile industry, major companies such as Electric AutoLite also began in Toledo, and it is where the popular Jeep vehicles have been manufactured since 1941. Other than being well known for the industry, Toledo is also well known for its art community, education, and local sports teams.

Problems Rise In Toledo, Ohio

Toledo, OhioIn Ohio, there is an increasing availability of cocaine. Recent drug busts have shown that cocaine is available in almost all parts of the state. Heroin distribution and abuse are increasing in Ohio, because wholesalers use cities like Toledo, Ohio as distribution centers. Meth (methamphetamine) is a serious problem for Ohio.  Meth is mostly used as a cheaper alternative to more expensive drugs like cocaine. Methamphetamine contributes to the highest percentage of the overall substance abuse in Ohio, and it has become increasingly popular among the younger population. Marijuana is also readily available throughout the state of Ohio, and is also popular among the younger population. Unlike other states, club drugs are not as much of a problem for the state of Ohio, however, in recent years the popularity of club drugs, such as ecstasy pills, has increased.

Toledo is no different than any other large city in the US when it comes to the problems and costs that rise from drug-related activity.  Whether it be from increased costs to law enforcement or costs for treatment programs or hospitalizations, there are astronomical amounts of time and money being invested in trying to overcome this epidemic.  Since there seems to be no way to completely stop drugs coming into the city, the next alternative is to provide effective treatment programs  in an effort to rehabilitate as many addicts as possible and return them to being productive members of their communities.

Addiction Solutions In Toledo, Ohio

There are two main types of programs that can help fulfill the above goal:  outpatient programs and residential long-term programs.  While outpatient programs work well for someone who is still attempting to work or continue their education, those who have had major life changes due to drugs will need more intensive treatment such as the residential program.  A professional residential program provides a safe, drug-free environment and teach the addict how to take personal responsibility for their life.  The program begins with detoxification followed by participation in activities and drills designed to rebuild self-confidence and establish a set of principles to apply in daily life for relapse prevention and successful reintegration into society.

If you or a loved one are living in or around Toledo, Ohio, and are suffering from substance abuse, contact your local Toledo, Ohio addiction treatment center right away for an individualized program that suits your needs.

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