Drug Rehab In Portland, Oregon

Drug rehab in Portland, Oregon is dedicated to providing the best and most effective care to anyone seeking help for their addiction. Portland, Oregon is ranked as one of the largest cities in the United States. In 2010, the population was estimated at around 591,042. Portland is considered to be one of the most “Green” cities in the world, with a very environmentally conscious population. The excellent climate makes Portland an ideal spot for growing many varieties of roses, and has been called “The City of Roses”.

Drug Rehab In Portland, Oregon

Drug Rehab In Portland, OregonWith its many favorable attributes, there is still an underlying drug problem, as with any larger city. The statistics in the city has shown a drop in drug use in the metro area. With the tightened strict limits on the ingredients for manufacturing drugs, meth labs have dropped to a minimum in the area. This, however, does not stop the trafficking of meth and other drugs such as cocaine and heroin. Drug rehab facilities have shown an increase in the need for treatment in the Portland area. Marijuana still seems to be the drug of choice for teens in the area. Teens report smoking marijuana more than they have cigarettes. Prescription drugs are the cause of more drug related deaths in the state of Oregon last year.

Methadone medication is prescribed for pain, and is the most misused and death related drug in most states. Clients expect an immediate effect, but the drug takes several days to get into the system to feel effective. This causes numerous clients to overdose trying to take more of the medication to get a quick effect. Methadone is not the only problem with drug abuse in the Portland area. Strides have been made to reduce the availability and stop drug related crime.

Do You Or Someone You Love Need Drug Rehab In Portland, Oregon?

Drug rehab in Portland, Oregon has a  much needed purpose in the city. Drugs and their devastating effects touch numerous lives and disrupt family units. Drug rehab in Portland, Oregon is the best option for overcoming an addiction of any type.

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