Portland, Oregon

Portland, OregonThe 29th most populous city in the United States is Portland, Oregon with a massive population of 583,776 residents as of the 2010 United States census. Portland is the world’s most environmentally friendly city. By using different methods of conserving energy and different ways to keep the residents happy and environmentally healthy, Portland, Oregon keeps its communities free from a lot of pollution, and is helping the residents move in the right direction towards a cleaner world. Recycling is mandatory in this city and is strictly enforced. This city is also known for being the home to the world renowned International Rose Test Garden.

Drugs Destroying Portland, Oregon

Keeping a greener city is the goal of the leaders of the city of Portland, but it is not always the goal of the residents. Drug users throughout the city remain a problem in keeping the city clean. Whether it is because of their lack of care for others or if it is simply because they no longer care about themselves, these individuals are causing the city of Portland, Oregon to be set back in its plans to make the rest of the United States “green”. Their lack of recycling, lack of care for the gases they produce into the ozone, and their methods of making drugs such as methamphetamine only cause damage to the communities and the atmosphere.

Portland, Oregon Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction not only affects the health of the earth, but it also ruins the health of the user and of the people around the user. Lung problems or lung collapse is a major problem for people who smoke drugs. People who shoot up are at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS, and people who snort will have problems with nose bleeds and nasal decay. Also, drug addiction causes organ failure and brain damage even after a few days of misuse.  For these reasons, drug rehabilitation facilities are continuously updating their programs in an effort to treat all the current and new types of drug- related health problems.

With each addict that is saved and rehabilitated, the streets and citizens become just a little safer, and the individual is returned to society as a functional citizen.  This also helps lower costs to the state for environmental problems, health care or legal issues imposed by addicts.

The main goal of rehabilitation is to save lives by teaching addicts how to live a satisfying life without the need for mind-altering substances.  These programs seek to restore the person’s self-esteem and self-confidence by providing skills and education to help them feel empowered to make sound decisions and to tackle life’s daily trials in an effective, productive manner.

For more information, or if you are ready to get help for your addiction, contact your local Portland, Oregon drug rehab center today.

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