Drug Rehab In Columbia, South Carolina

Drug Rehab In Columbia, South CarolinaIt is hard to imagine that there is such an increasing need for drug rehab in Columbia, South Carolina, but this need is also a growing concern in major cities and small towns all across the country.  Named after Christopher Columbus, Columbia is the capital of South Carolina and boasts a population of over 130,000 citizens.  The city was founded in the early 1700’s, and was the first planned city in the United States to create streets arranged in a grid pattern.  Columbia is home to the University of South Carolina, and hosts an abundance of museums, historical architecture, and a variety of cultural and entertainment venues that make this a very desirable city to call home.

Drug Rehab In Columbia, South Carolina Is The First Step To Recovery

Although Columbia is a growing, thriving city, there also exists an alarming amount of drug trafficking,  substance abuse, needless deaths, and drug-related crimes and costs. Statistics from SAAMIS (Substance Abuse Agencies Management Information System) support this statement.  They report that in South Carolina public substance abuse treatment systems, admissions for individuals suffering the effects of drug and alcohol abuse in 2010 were as follows:

  • Alcohol with drug use: 29,638
  • Alcohol only: 16,804
  • Cocaine only:  4,943
  • Meth only:  532
  • Opiates only:  3,467

They also report 3,420 admissions for adolescents (ages 12-17) in 2011 that were primarily the result of marijuana and alcohol abuse.

Unfortunately, these numbers only represent the individuals who actually received help in a state facility.  There remains uncounted numbers of addicts that struggle daily with addiction problems on their own and need the help of rehab.  With an over-abundance of alcohol, marijuana, street drugs, prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, drugs purchased over the internet, and illegal “pharmacies”, the enormous need for drug rehab in Columbia, South Carolina is a worldwide concern.

Drug Rehab In Columbia, South Carolina Does Work

In order to bring these numbers down and save lives in the process, the combined efforts of state agencies, along with assistance from Rehabilitation USA, will hopefully bring much needed treatment to more addicts in the near future.  Our addiction specialists realize that drug or alcohol abuse involves a complex mixture of physical dependency combined with emotional, mental, environmental, or other factors that require professional expertise and treatment before successful recovery is possible.

If you need help for addiction to any substance, make a personal commitment to seek help today. We are dedicated to your complete recovery, and our drug rehab programs are designed to provide the highest level of care available.  For more information, call Rehabilitation USA to learn more about drug rehab in Columbia, South Carolina and let us help you enjoy a drug-free future.

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