Lubbock, Texas

Lubbock, Texas is home to a thriving population of 229,573.  This city has been in an economic boom over its years in existence, and today it is actually known as the Hub City because of it being the education, health care, and economic hub of a multi-county region known as the Southern Plains.  Lubbock, Texas is mainly known worldwide as being the largest cotton growing region in the world.  It has also been recognized nationally as having one of the top high schools in the United States (Lubbock High School).

Lubbock, TexasSome other things that Lubbock, Texas is known for include:

  • Home to four large colleges
  • A great place to start a small business
  • The birthplace of many famous musical artists, including Buddy Holly
  • Home to several nationally known museums

Although prosperous, unfortunately, the city is no stranger to the scourge of drug-related crime and activity that plagues every other city in the nation.

Lubbock, Texas Fighting Addiction

Despite being in a continuous spotlight because of the many attributes Lubbock, Texas has to offer, it is still home to thousands of people who are suffering from drug addictions in their daily lives.  Because of its proximity to the United States/ Mexican border, there are problems with drug trafficking and drug addiction everywhere.  New drugs surface every day and cause chaos in the lives of many Lubbock citizens.

Fighting addiction begins with education and awareness about the dangerous effects of these powerful drugs, but when those efforts fail, the next step is professional addiction treatment programs.  Considering the increasing numbers of addictions and the even more powerful chemicals available today, our nation is in an epidemic of staggering proportions.  The best solution is to increase efforts to provide affordable, effective rehabilitation programs for those in need.  In this way, lives can be saved and these individuals can return to functionality in the family and the community.

Some of the things a person learns in addiction treatment include, but are not limited to the following:

[list style=”arrow”]
  • how environment can affect an addict’s success in remaining abstinent and how to incorporate effective coping mechanisms to avoid relapse
  • the role of spirituality in their success, regardless of religious convictions
  • that they are not alone in this struggle, and they are not the only one with problems
  • what real nutrition means and how to incorporate it into their life for physical strength and wellness and continued success in remaining drug-free
  • how to open up and express doubts and fears to another human for greater healing and insight into their motivations and behaviors
  • how to take personal responsibility for their behavior and the consequences of that behavior
  • the importance of exercise and hobbies for keeping an alert and positive state of mind
[/list] There is an abundance of other life-lessons learned during rehab, but the main thing addicts learn is that they can take control of their life and make what they will of it.

Help for Addiction in Lubbock, Texas

These addiction problems are not only present in Lubbock, but they are also present in every other city in the United States.  Getting help for any addiction and any severity of an addiction now is the only way to avoid any further physical and mental distress.

If you or someone you care for is living in or near the city of Lubbock, Texas and addiction has become a daily battle, call your Texas drug rehab toll free now.

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