Chesapeake, Virginia

Chesapeake, VirginiaChesapeake, Virginia was formed in 1963 by consolidation of the city of south Norfolk with the former Norfolk County. The city played a role in the founding of America with the Battle of the Great Bridge and construction of the Great Dismal Swamp canal. Located on the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, Chesapeake boasts miles of waterfront property and is a prime location for industry and residential purposes.  It is the third largest city in the state of Virginia, based on 2010 population estimates of over 222,000 residents. It is heralded as a first class area for locating industry and business and was ranked by Money Magazine as a family-friendly community.  Whether as a tourist, or someone seeking to relocate, visitors to this city will find that it is an ideal place to spend a summer vacation, to open a new business, or to raise a family.

Chesapeake Also Has Drug Problems

As with most other major cities,  Chesapeake also struggles with an ongoing problem with drug related crime and costs. Marijuana is often the starter drug for many people who progress to become regular users in Chesapeake, Virginia. Narcotic abuse statistics in the city show that there are hundreds of new users of marijuana every year. Cocaine and crack cocaine pose a great threat to the city also. These drugs are easily available in high potency throughout Chesapeake.

Every city in our country faces daily drug-related crime and deaths.  The costs to society are staggering, and millions of innocent people become victims of someone seeking to fund their drug habit.  These facts stand to support the need for additional treatment facilities in an effort to bring down the number of unnecessary deaths resulting from substance abuse and related crime.

Seeking Help for Addiction Today

Unfortunately, regardless of how many facilities are available, not everyone who needs help will get it.  Far too many addicts avoid rehab because they are afraid of withdrawal.  Others simply avoid it because they feel they don’t need help, or because they just aren’t ready to stop using.  For this reason, thousands of organizations have been formed to help spread awareness of how denial can eventually lead to death.  Families are being educated on how to perform an intervention for their loved one.  Corporations offer leave of absence for those who need to enter rehab.  Millions of people are involved in trying to help addicts get into treatment before it is too late, but regardless of these efforts, some addicts manage to slip through the cracks.

Addiction treatment facilities in Chesapeake, Virginia offer a variety of program options that allow clients to create an individualized treatment program that they feel best suits their needs.  Some of the options include holistic, faith-based, or traditional approaches to therapy with a variety of daily routines such as

  • acupuncture
  • exercise classes
  • meditation
  • massage therapy
  • music and art therapy
  • group and individual counseling sessions

Rehab today is much improved over those of the past where everyone followed the same rigid routine.  Today’s recovering addicts are treated with respect during the program, and are taught to respect themselves once again.

If you or someone you love are in the Chesapeake, Virginia area and need help for addiction, please contact us today to learn how we can help.

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