California Alcohol Intervention

Several alcohol interventions take place each day in California contact us if you need a California Alcohol Intervention before it’s too late. An alcohol intervention should consist of close friends, family members, and others who may be affected by the alcohol abuse. This event should be very well organized and done with the hope of getting through to the alcoholic and hopefully convincing them to get help. This event should not however make the individual feel that they are being attacked.

Do You Need California Alcohol Intervention

The first step to planning an alcohol intervention in California is to decide the best time. The best time to schedule an intervention would be before the individual hits rock bottom. Everyone deserves a chance to change before they lose everything they have worked for. The next step is to hold a meeting with everyone who will be present at the intervention. The day, time, place, who will speak, and for how long each person will speak needs to be decided and planned. After the meeting, but before the intervention, each person planning to speak should write a short letter to the individual explaining why they think he / she should get help. This letter should give examples of things that have happened in the past, which will hopefully make the individual want to receive treatment.

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During the intervention each person should read their letter to the individual. At the end of the intervention the alcoholic should be faced with a decision, go to an alcohol rehab immediately or suffer the consequences, which may be losing contact with family, a divorce, etc. In California there are several experienced individuals who specialize in alcohol interventions. It may be helpful to hire one of these individuals to help with the intervention process. All of the plans for the intervention should be kept from the individual so they cannot plan ahead of time a way to avoid the California alcohol intervention.

If you are considering an intervention for a loved one, call today to learn more about California alcohol intervention.

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